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Are BFG Tires Good? | Reviewed

Posted by BB Wheels on 24th Feb 2020

BB Blog, Are BFG Tires Worth it

Why are BFGoodrich tires good? Well, let's take a dive into the history of BFG and what set them apart from other tire companies. You want to make sure you get the perfect tires for your Truck/ SUV/CUV or Car.

The Benjamin Franklin Goodrich introduced  BFG tires in the market. Starting with bicycle tires and then moved on to make automobile tires in 1896, BFG tires became one of the first companies to manufacture automobile tires. Amidst good competition from other automobile tire producing companies, BFG tires sustained their popularity due to their extensive research and exceptional products. Later on, when Henry Ford introduced the Ford Model A, they used BFG tires that helped them succeed in their business across the world.

Years of Experience:

BFG has been working since the 1800s, they know quite well about what makes an excellent affordable tire. They invest due time to understand and research what treads work best and in which conditions. BFG tires guarantee quality and value for money.

Quality Material:

BFGoodrich is a popular tire brand for drivers of any road condition. The merger of BFG with Michelin Rubber Company allowed the company to create unique rubbers that are best attuned to working with both the road and the car. The BFG tires provide a safe, stable, and smooth drive.

Different Design Features:

The BFGoodrich tire design features are created in such a way that they possess safety in all seasons. The following are some features that show their sustenance in seasons all year-round.


In summers, it’s all about driving on dusty and dry roads. BFG summer tires like the G-Force Comp2 AS, Sport Comp2,Advantage TA Sport, and even their all-terrain tires like the KO2 are designed to meld and mold in a hot climate that best suits the requirement of driving. The tire design can accept the likelihood of the increased dust and cause control on the drive. The unique tread patters play a significant factor in tires. The patterns are made for a shorter stopping distance and reduce the risk of aquaplaning on the dust on the road. They are best suited for the commuters, city drivers and people who frequently travel in hot climates. These tires also have a sleek and thinner look that best suits the modern cars.


The BFG KO2 tires and the BFG Commercial T/A winter design have been created to provide extra security to travel in wet areas, snowy surfaces, and hence reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The protruding rubber sidewalls ensure better grip and traction on the snowy roads without capturing snow inside the tire design. This leads to reducing the risk of sliding across the smooth and wet surface on the road. The compound of rubber that is used to make these tires protects them against dirt that sticks or pierces the casing, leaving you safe with more grip on the road.

Winter/rain BFG Tires

(Photo by BFGoodrich Tires)


The best feature of this design is that these tires like the Ko2, the KM3, and the Rugged Terrain TA are the best fit for the people who commute on the daily. It is also the best choice for those who live in colder climates. They are perfect concerning all climate services. You should buy them if you don’t want to change your vehicle’s tires every other day. These tires are suitable for all road types without making horrible noise on applying brakes. They are an all-rounder. The serrated shoulder provides enhanced maneuverability that is best suited for all cars.

BFG All Terrain tires

(Photo by BFGoodrich Tires)


So, as you can see, there is more than what meets the eye with BFG tires. The best part is that the tires preserve the life of the suspension of your car. Quality tires offer quality driving, and that is what BFG tires provide. They cause less noise when applying brakes proving the quality of the tires and can also increase car mileage.

Not only is BFGoodrich tires an industry-leading innovator, but it also comes with FREE Nationwide Tire Road Road Hazard only when purchased from BB Wheels.

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