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Take charge of winter weather and whatever road conditions come your way with winter tires ordered from BB Wheels. Start shopping top-of-the-line winter tires today and get FREE shipping!


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More About Winter Tires

Why bother changing tires? Summer or winter, what’s the difference, and why does it matter? Isn’t it a gimmick? Unfortunately, if you live in any area that experiences freezing temps during winter and light or heavy snowfall, Snow tires aren’t a gimmick. They are a life-saving necessity.

Whichever vehicle you call your own, the Winter tires that we carry have been carefully and specifically engineered to tackle the special road conditions that come with snow, sleet, ice, slush, and cold temperatures. Snow tires use specially formulated rubber that can withstand freezing temps to remain just soft enough to be flexible, allowing them to conform to the road better during extreme winter conditions. With this feature, Winter tires are designed to have deeper treads with unique patterns to provide optimum traction, reducing slippage while gripping snow, slush, and ice.

This winter don’t get stuck, literally, in the season’s first snowfall unable to get out of your driveway (or worse, the ditch). Take advantage of our exclusive price points and our vast array of financing available to get your set of tires upgraded, quick and fast, before the storms blow in.

We have everything you need to make the right choice for finding your perfect Snow tires. Refine your search by current deals, product type, tire size, wheel size, tread type, brand, tire load, price, tires by vehicle, or customer rating. Quickly sort between our best selling, newest, or alphabetical. Unsure of where to start or how to pick? Our highly trained team of fitment representatives will have your back. Call us at 320-333-2155, Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM CST, or email us at for all questions! Already placed an order but have more questions? We’ve got your back there too. Feel free to email us questions about your existing order at (but remember, for existing orders only, thanks)!

Superior quality, affordable prices, outstanding customer service, and even fitment guidance are all here waiting for you at BB Wheels Online. This winter, let our family help yours stay safe and on the road no matter the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions: Winter and Snow Tires

Do Snow Tires make a difference?
The short answer is definitely yes! Investing in a set of Snow or Winter tires can make a massive difference in road safety, handling, traction, stopping, turning, and even the quality and sound of the ride itself. Winter tires have specially designed deeper lugs, or patterns, that were engineered to handle snow, ice, slush, and grip the road for superior performance, handling, and ultimately, the most important reason: safety in winter conditions.
Is it worth getting snow tires?
If you live anywhere in the country where the temperature drops to freezing and snow, slush, ice, or freezing rain is frequently experienced, it is not only worth getting snow tires; it is essential.
Can you drive on snow tires all year?
Snow tires are customized and engineered for the unique weather conditions of extreme cold, snow, ice, and slush. Unfortunately, when the temperatures begin to warm and throughout areas that experience summer — it is not advisable to continue driving on Snow tires during spring or summer.

The heat of the road can cause detrimental effects on your Winter tires, causing the treads to wear out extremely fast. The specially formulated rubber used in snow tires is made to withstand temperatures of approximately 45 °F or below and remain soft in these cold conditions. However, with the heat, winter tires are not made to resist it and become even softer, causing the rubber to be worn away faster. Driving on winter tires in warmer temperatures can also result in safety hazards, as the rubber compound that granted you superior handling, cornering, acceleration, and braking may be compromised in summer, leading to earlier and more frequent replacement.