Vehicle Visualizer

Vehicle Visualizer: See Your New Rims and Tires on Your Ride NOW

There is no reason to guess how a new set of custom aftermarket wheels or tires will look on your vehicle — with the Vehicle Visualizer, we can show you. Ditch those stock rims and instantly see what your dream wheels will look like on your exact car, truck, Jeep, or SUV. The Vehicle Visualizer application provides a unique wheel shopping experience, unlike any other. It is “style-fitting” before you buy!

From customizing your sports car to tricking-out your truck, the BB Wheels’ Vehicle Visualizer is the go-to solution in online wheel visualizers.

You test-fit wheels before final install... so why not style-fit before you buy?

Our interactive Vehicle Visualizer is the most realistic way for you to see how any set of rims and tires will look on your vehicle BEFORE they arrive at your door. Compare the look of countless aftermarket tires and wheels on your vehicle’s make, model, sub-model, rim diameter, and body color... all with the click of a button right from your couch. Our Vehicle Visualizer puts you in the driver seat toward building the best ride possible. Preview wheel models, upgrade rim sizes, swap wheel finishes, and more!

Powered by extensive databases, the Vehicle Visualizer contains imagery of thousands of wheel and tire package designs. You will have access to thousands of vehicles across a multitude of years in all applications (stock, lowered, leveled, and lifted). Updated daily, even the NEWEST wheel designs and vehicle models can be style-fitted.

The Vehicle Visualizer application is constantly receiving vehicle, tire, and wheel additions. If your vehicle does not appear in the Visualizer tool, it does not mean we do not offer wheels or tires for your specific car, truck, Jeep, or SUV. Please contact BB Wheels directly at 320-333-2155 to speak to one of our Fitment Experts about your particular application.

Stop guessing and start seeing. Begin your build now by selecting your vehicle’s year!