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I Bought New BFG Tires Now What?

Posted by BB Wheels on 26th Feb 2020

I Bought New BFG Tires Now What?

Tires require heavy investments. It has been researched that motorists spend an average of $400 to $600 to buy new tires. Obviously, this is one of those repair items for a car that is not optional; there is always a need for new tires from time-to-time. Considering massive investment it requires, people want to use long-lasting tires as it is a part that can be regularly changed. Most truck or off-road enthusiasts prefer to go for  BFGoodrich Tires like KO2, KM3, and the Rugged TA for its sustenance and reliability.

If you have just bought new tires or planning to replace them soon, it's important for you then to read about the road hazards detrimental for tires. Of course, you won’t want your investment going down the drain. Read the following points to save your  BFGoodrich KO2 tires from damage.

One of the major causes of road hazards is when either a tire gets punctured, discolored or hit the brakes suddenly. Moreover, there are nails, potholes and nails that also damage the tires. The worst part is that majority of tire companies do not cover these road hazards in the warranty.

Understand road hazard warranties:

One of the advantages of BFG Ko2 tires is that it offers warranties on severe damage and flat tires. The tire can be repaired if it is under warranty. The company prorates the remaining amount on the under-warranty purchase of a new tire if the previous one cannot be fixed or repaired. The price of the warranty rest on the road hazards, vendor, tire; they generally range from $10-$20 per tire, but lucky if you bought your tires from BB Wheels you get  Free Tire Road Hazard Protection.

Tire shops make tremendous amounts of revenue from the warranties as they serve as insurance policies. Nevertheless, it does not mean they do not value the sanctity of the drivers’ lives. If you are considering buying a road hazard warranty, then you need to take into account the following

- How many times your car suffered a tire burst due to nails?

- The amount of warranty is justified.

- Deteriorated conditions of the road you drive daily.

If you in any or all of the conditions mentioned above, then buying the warranty may worth your money or buying your tires from BB Wheels.

BB Wheels offers protection for your tires from road hazards for free, including Fast Free Shipping.

Road hazard protection for BFG KO2 tires:

Almost all the commuting vehicles and truck tires buy the manufacturer’s limited warranty that covers the damages. You have to ask all the relevant information about each brand’s policy that generally has the following,

- Ensures protection for commuting and light truck tires, that comes under Road Hazard Protection Policy

- Proration on the purchasing of new tires that are damaged beyond repair due to road hazards

- Minute repairable punctures will be repaired from the manufacturer’s end for free if it comes under their policy.

- If the tire cannot be repaired, a prorated allowance will be awarded on the purchase of a comparable new tire.

These are a few of the road hazards and warranty that BFG KO2 tires cover. To get the perfect tire for your truck or SUV, you need to read to policies thoroughly. 

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