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Why PayTomorrow?

Posted by BB Blog Team on 20th Dec 2019

Why PayTomorrow?

Why PayTomorrow to buy your rims, wheels, tires and accessories from BB Wheels?

BB Wheels understands people come from different backgrounds and have a different story. We all make mistakes. As a small family owned business, we believe everyone should be given a second chance and should be given the opportunity to enjoy the ride of life. BB Wheels is already the home of  Free Nationwide Tire Road Hazard, Fast & Free Shipping, industry leading reviews and now home to Financing for all credit types!

The traditional credit and lending systems are outdated and don’t work for many good people. Banks, credit unions and other traditional lenders are massive institutions that are typically slow to change, content with their old and rigid underwriting, and embrace the mentality of “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?”

At  PayTomorrow, instead of being complacent with the current system, they asked the question, “how can we make the lending process better?” They realized that customers are more than just a credit score and treat them as such. Their proprietary underwriting allows them to evaluate factors beyond a FICO score to approve more customers and approve those customers for higher spending amounts!

This break from traditional underwriting techniques is the perfect option for millennials, immigrants, and credit challenged customers with good paying jobs but haven’t had the opportunity to develop a solid credit history. PayTomorrow gives these customers a leg up by building credit without penalizing them in the form of charging higher rates over a shorter period due to their lack of history. Furthermore, PayTomorrow remembers the difficult financial times caused by the recession of 2008. While some of these missed payments may have fallen off one’s credit report, adverse effects from these missed payments can follow individuals around for years afterwards. That’s why PayTomorrow evaluates customers on how they’re performing TODAY and rewards positive payment history with lower monthly payments and longer, more flexible terms than other financing companies.

In addition to their innovative underwriting model, PayTomorrow doesn’t think customers should have to wait to learn if they’re approved for credit to buy new aftermarket  wheelstires or automotive accessories. No more printing out applications and faxing them over to a bank for review. With PayTomorrow, credit decisions are made instantly right from the shopping cart! Customers can also utilize their pre-approval process to see how much they will be approved for before shopping. This helps our customers purchase the wheels, tires or accessories they truly want instead of settling for what they can pay for at that time. With a low initial payment at time of purchase (varies between $0 - $59), maximum approval amounts up to $6,500, 0% financing options and repayment terms of up to 36 months, there’s nothing standing in the way of buying with BB Wheels and PayTomorrow!

Before, during, and after a customer’s purchase, PayTomorrow provides industry leading support through our US based customer service team. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, this team communicates with customers over the phone, through online chat, or via email to assist through the application process or answer questions regarding one’s account. They can be reached at 866-418-5857 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm EST) or at They also offer their customers the ability to modify their account outside of these hours through their online customer portal. Customers can change their payment due date, payment frequency, and payment method all from this online portal.

At PayTomorrow, their main goals are to provide access to customers of all credit types and to make the lending process simple and easy for BB Wheels Customers. Their instant credit decision application with customized rates caters to customers of all credit types and allows more truck and car loving Americans to buy today with PayTomorrow.

Variable pricing based on credit

Rewarding customers that have maintained excellent credit with low APR terms (including 0% loans)

Unique pricing model allows customers who have made a few mistakes with their credit or missed a few payments to pay less than our competitors

Perfect option for millennials who want to build their credit without paying exorbitant fees.

Gives you the opportunity to establish credit

Longer terms than traditional lenders

You can qualify for programs offering between 12-60-month terms

Non fico credit rating system (Including No to low Credit)

Scores based on how you’re performing today, instead of how you used to perform

Higher spending amounts provided

Enable you to finance your entire purchase

US based customer service department

Allows you to call a number and speak to someone

Modify your payment date, payment frequency, and payment type either through our online portal or by calling our customer service department

To learn more, go to or call BB Wheels at 320-333-2155.