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Winter driving with Michelin X Ice Xi3 Review

Posted by BB Wheels on 27th Mar 2020

Winter driving with Michelin X Ice Xi3 ReviewIt is never too early to prepare for winter driving. Many tires are currently available in the market for light trucks for winter traveling. It’s also true that the winter drive experience with Michelin X Ice XI 3 is a league of its own. Let’s take an in-depth look into the features of this winter tire and know how it is best suitable for this season.

Michelin X ice xi 3

Safe winter performance:

Michelin X Ice XI 3 performs for almost 60,000 kilometers that are twice more than the other competitor tires. The tire holds a unique contact patch that evenly divides the friction, acceleration, and braking. This feature allows it an even wear and long tread life.

Improved protection:

Some tires do not tend to perform well in the harsh winter conditions. The Michelin X Ice XI 3 tires stops up to 10% shorter on ice than other competitors because of the combined performance of optimized tread block technology and the cross Z swipes design. The block edges feature makes the tire durable in terms of riding on any kind of snow/ ice.


These tires are designed in such a way to drive smoothly, consuming less fuel. With less consumption of fuel, the tires become more efficient in reducing carbon emissions. The tires deliver some industry-leading services with less rolling resistance.

Easier braking:

As far as the brakes are concerned, Michelin X Ice XI 3 has made it easy on soft snow or hard ice. The acceleration and braking become easier due to the zig-zag Z swipe design on the tire.

Micro pipes:

Another unique feature of Michelin X3 is the micropumps that absorbs water from the tread surface and then evacuate for improved tread contact on the road. In this way, the handling on the road for emergency drives also becomes tranquil.

Different sizes available:

Michelin XI 3 is possible in 33 sizes that can fit all big or small light trucks. Ranging from 14 to 18-inch rim diameters, they can adjust the light truck easily for the winter drive. The tire wear and price are improved as compared to the last version, which is why many winter travelers now prefer it. These tires are said to be worry-free and fantastic in performance.


Michelin X Ice 3 provides superior performance on ice and snow and the reason behind it is that its compound remains flexible. The tires need that flexibility in order to provide extra grip and traction in the cold conditions. These tires are tested in a lot of such situations and then approved to be sold out in the market. These tires are made by taking into consideration all industry standards. As compared to its tread design, it has made riding on soft snow or hard ice easier. The acceleration and braking become more accessible due to the design. They are the safest and most controlled tires as compared to other winter tires.

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