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What to Consider When Buying Truck Wheels

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The greatest thing about your truck is...well, your truck.

You can’t imagine what you would do if you didn’t have your truck, it would be like losing a kid or best friend. With your truck, you can go anywhere, tow anything and haul anything. You love the way your truck looks as well. Which is why you are getting it a new set of truck wheels.

You know that a new set of aftermarket wheels will change the overall look of your truck. And the right set of wheels will fit your personality. Before you go browsing through the many hundreds of wheels BB Wheels offers, step back and consider the kind and type of wheels you are looking for.


The offset, or backspacing, is the most misunderstood aspect of choosing a new truck wheel. The lower the offset number, the more your wheels will stick out. Of course, the more your wheels stick out, the less clearance you will have when turning the wheel. Something you definitely need to take into consideration.

Each truck brand has a different amount of clearance, so you need to check with the manufacturer or other experts to determine the best offset.


You also need to determine what size wheel you want. The most popular sizes are 17, 18 and 20 inch. Over the last couple of years, 22 and 24-inch wheels have gained in popularity. Take note that anything over 22 inches is going to decrease the quality of your ride.


Black wheels are very popular, but you can also choose chrome wheels or painted wheels. You see a lot of black wheels on trucks on the road because black wheels are usually less expensive, they look good and there is a large selection of them from which to choose.

Chrome will give your truck a classic look and painted wheels come in a variety of colors. Red and gunmetal are the two most popular wheels colors.


Alloy wheels are made from a mixture of metals. There are two major categories of alloy truck wheels. Forged alloy wheels are made from a dense alloy that results in a very durable wheel, but it is a process that makes these wheels more expensive.

Cast alloy wheels are put through a low-pressure casting process that makes the metal more malleable. These alloy truck wheels are lightweight and strong.

Bolt Pattern

Don’t go ordering those wheels until you have determined your bolt pattern. Just because your wheels have five lugs, it does not mean that all five-lug wheels will fit. There are multiple bolt pattern possibilities on modern trucks. There are also different ways to measure between the lugs to determine the pattern.

Even if you get the right bolt pattern, there is always the possibility that the new wheels might not fit. It is best to talk with an expert before you buy.

If you have any questions about finishes, bolt patterns or offset, please give us a call here at BB Wheels and we will be happy to help.