Dick Cepek Tire Types and Ideal Uses

3rd Oct 2019

Dick Cepek Tire Types and Ideal Uses

There are four categories of off-road tires produced by Dick Cipek, each with their own unique capabilities and characteristics. This short guide details what the four types are used for and what really makes them special.

Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP

The Trail Country EXP is a hybrid tire that boasts the best qualities of mud-terrain tires and all-terrain tires, giving you the benefit of comfort whether you're driving on city roads or dirt roads. This tire can take you anywhere - from the busy city streets to winding dirt roads, you'll have a smooth ride and fantastic traction, whether you're heading to work or on an off-road adventure.

These all-terrain tires have a similar look to traditional mud-terrain tires, with large lugs and voids making them look rough and resilient. Their stone ejector ribs to prevent debris and gravel from getting stuck in the tire's grooves and compromising the tire's performance. Not only are these tires a joy to look at, their capabilities match their rugged aesthetic.

The Trail Country EXP tires are made from a highly durable, silica-reinforced compound that enables them to take anything you can throw at them. They're lightweight, without sacrificing on durability, and are optimized for gripping wet surfaces - so you don't have to worry about bad weather spoiling your plans for an off-road adventure. The huge surface area gives unparalleled handling and traction whether you're travelling on- or off-road. By allowing this tire to deform and grip around bumpy surfaces, Dick Cepek has created a tire that's perfect for any type of road.

Dick Cepek Trail Country

The Trail Country provides the best of both worlds for people looking for tires they can drive to and from work, as well as a little off-road fun on the weekend. As usual with Dick Cepek tires, these offer fantastic performance on rough terrain, with such a powerful grip and traction that your wheels rarely lose performance.

The tire's excellent traction can be attributed to the scalloped shoulder lugs and deeper multi-dimensional sidebiters. It's not just traction that these features impact, as they also provide your tires with an added layer of protection against punctures and cuts - this is fantastic as, let's face it, nobody wants to be stranded with a flat tire half way through an off-road adventure.

Twin steel belts run through these tires and are reinforced with spiralled nylon on a thick polyester casing, meaning you'll be able to count on these tires when you need them the most. The added toughness of these tires are a major plus for people looking for the most versatile tire on the market. While not as tough as other tires in the Dick Cepek range, these are still a fantastic option for people who enjoy going off-roading occasionally.

Dick Cepek Fun Country

These tires make work or play easy thanks to their ultra-deep tread. The wide lateral and offset tread grooves not only create a mean looking tire, but they also work with a large footprint to deliver exceptional grip and powerful traction on whatever terrain you decide to take on.

These tires were expertly designed to be the ultimate all-terrain tires, as they perform fantastically wherever you use them. The deep tread means your vehicle will perform perfectly on dirt, sand, mud, and of course asphalt. The sturdy three-ply sidewalls help manage vehicle stability on the road while also providing extra puncture resistance off-road.

These tires help transform your truck into an off-road monster. You'll have excellent surface grip wherever you decide to drive. Getting the very best traction and grip is something that's expected with all-terrain tires, and with the interlocking thread lugs and alternating tread grooves, you get an ever better connection with the road that really sets these tires apart from their competitors.

The Fun Country tire has been designed to provide exceptional performance off-road, but that doesn't mean the quality of their street performance isn’t any less satisfactory. In fact, the tire has a computer-optimized pitch sequence which makes it almost as quiet a standard on-road tire. These tires are a must have for people who spend as much time off-road as they do on-road.

Dick Cepek Extreme Country Tires

The Extreme Country tire is one of the top mud-terrain tires on the market and has been expertly manufactured with off-road enthusiasts in mind. The tread compound provides excellent traction on even the most extreme terrain, and ensures even wear of the tires with each use. The extra tread depth ensures these tires have a long life, even if you're taking them on an extreme off-road adventure every week .

Even though these tires were designed to pull you through deep mud and snow with ease, they're still a fantastic tire on dry roads. The tight inner lugs ensure these tires stick to the ground like glue and deliver the traction you'd expect from a truck operating at full performance. These tires are essentially dual-purposed : they're the perfect blend of all-terrain handling and superb functionality on mud and snow.

The design on this tire is similar to all Dick Cepek tires. It's made with two-ply high tensile body ply cord, which enhances the sidewall strength without adding unnecessary weight. It's this sturdy composition that Dick Cepek tires have become known for, and the Extreme Country tires are no exception.

It's pretty challenging to find a tire that performs well in snow, but these tires do. If you live in any northern state and are sick of being left unable to drive when there's a lot of snow, you should really consider investing in a set of these tires . The Extreme Country tires perform fantastically in snow and are a must have for truck and SUV owners in any snowy states.

Overall, Dick Cepek tires are great for outdoor activities and off-roading. Between the Trail Country EXP, Trail Country, Fun Country, and Extreme Country Tires you should be able to find the perfect set for your SUV or truck. Contact us today to find out more about the Dick Cepek tires we carry visit our website.