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The idea of a monster is something that most people fear in this life, hence this XD Series Monster's name and overall appearance. Through a series of designs and finishes, KMC has developed one of the most scary and fearful lines of wheels imaginable. Since KMC has been making wheels since 1982, they have made a stellar reputation for themselves as being one of the most technologicallly-advanced and powerful competitors of wheel manufacturers in the world. Featured in one of the most intensely insane off-road races in the world, the SCORE Baja 1000, these Monster rims have made quite the debut and impression in the off-road racing community, especially considering they are represented by TORC. No matter what type of finish you want or what type of bolt pattern you require, a set of these wheels will provide your off-road vehicle with some added power and speed. Call us at 322-333-2155!