Shopping for the Right Bolt Pattern

Finding the correct bolt pattern for your vehicle has been made easy thanks to our helpful lug pattern guide. All you need to do is scroll down to the Find My Vehicle section and look up your car or truck by make, model, and year. Click the link once you’ve found it and you will be taken to our large wheel selections in that bolt pattern.

8x170 Bolt Pattern Wheels

If you have a Ford F250 or F350 from 1999 onward, your wheels will most likely be drilled in the 8x170 bolt pattern. Wheel sizes for these trucks come in a wide range, with 16” to 24” sizes being the most common. Our large selection of wheels with the 8x170 bolt pattern is not only diverse in terms of styles, but it also includes deals and discounts to help save you money! Fast and free shipping is guaranteed, and you can take advantage of our payment plan financing options if needed.

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