Thret Off-Road

Beginning its aftermarket wheel journey in 2020 out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Thret Off-Road is taking the off-road market by storm. Developed with off-road enthusiasts in mind, Thret Off-Road is bringing three series of wheels to their consumers. First in the series is the Trail Series, which has Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs in mind for your typical off-road adventures and withstanding the toughest of conditions. Next in the series of wheels is the Tactical Series, which brings a next-level style to aftermarket rims. Leveled, lifted and stock vehicles will have something to choose from in this series. The last in Thret’s dominant series is the Triumph Series, allowing customers the peace of mind of the resilient and strong wheels that match their hard-hitting personalities with a deep lip and stylish spoke designs. All three series have wheel sizing options in 17” – 22” in 5, 6, and 8-lug configurations to fit a tremendous number of trucks and SUVs. Don’t let the pricing foreshadow the rims Thret Off-Road is offering and contact one of BB Wheels sales representatives to go over all the financing options available. Regardless of credit type, our financial institutes will work with you. Our BB Wheels sales representatives are always available for any fitment questions by either phone at 320-333-2155, chatting right on our website, or via email. They are eager to help you get into a new set of wheels to hit the road. As always BB Wheels offers FREE shipping to the continental United States with all Thret Off-Road wheels. There is no stopping yourself once you look at Thret Off-Road, buy the wheels and be mean on the streets.