The outward facing triangular indentions that are in the center bore's design on these Moto Metal MO970 wheels is something to be impressed with. The blocky and black nature of the center bore will make an aggressive impression on anyone who looks upon them. Now, for those of you that like to do some "dune bashing" from time to time, these are just what the dune-doctor ordered. Seeing that you most likely know that you'll have to greatly reduce the tire pressure on your tires in order to effectively dune bash, you know that your wheels are going to take even more of a beating. Whether you have an SUV with a roll cage or a truck without one, these high quality rims will do more than satisfy, they'll support! Dune bashing is an exciting sport to get involved in, period! The sunny reflections that will come off of the sand and then bounce off of these silver spokes will have your vehilce in the spotlight of the dunes. FREE same day shipping and GUARANTEED lowest prices apply. Speak to a specialist at 322-333-2155!