Kalon Wheels

Founding themselves in 2020 Kalon wheels is bringing a new dimension to passenger-styled wheels to the after-market competition. Kalon wheels is providing top-notch performance and quality wheels for domestic and imported sports cars and sedans. Kalon offers two series of designs to their collection of extraordinary wheels. The first of the series is the Opulence Series. This series offers an exposed lug hole design which adds a contract to the rim’s design. This series is also the only one out of the two that offers wheels for trucks and SUVs. The Profusion Series offers its design as a closed center cap option. Both Series are designed to bring luxury and high-performance qualities to all your vehicle needs. Kalon wheels can be obtained in 16” to 22” wheels to enhance anyone’s car, truck, or SUV for either a classic setup or staggered for an upgraded look. For any fitment questions regarding Kalon wheels, our BB Wheels sales representatives would be more than happy to go over any questions. They can be reached by phone at 320-333-2155 or by chatting right on our website. Don’t forget to ask about financing options. They are catered to all credit types, good, bad, and no credit accepted. Come check out the vast array of unique wheels Kalon has to offer and get BB Wheels always FREE shipping.