G-Force Comp2 AS+

The G-Force Comp2 As+ Tire is the next generation to the G-Force Comp2 AS, this new BFG tire's main focus is to improve upon on icy road-handling along with durability and tread wear life. G-Force Comp2 AS Plus is the latest innovation in all-season tires that keeps gripping throughout the seasons all year long with responsive on the road traction and amazing tire handling. BFGoodrich designed the G-Force Comp2 As+ with an improved thread compound to give it better traction and handling. The BFG G-Force Comp2 A/S+ tire gives high stability and a quiet ride. BFGoodrich built the G-Force Comp2 As+ for the daily driver regardless if they drive during icy winter or dry summer. BFGoodrich Tire Financing is available along with 12-month tire protection offered though our Free Nationwide Tire Road Hazard Protection.

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