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Vogue Tyres: Innovation, Design, and Performance

Posted by BB Wheels on 19th Jun 2023

Vogue Tyres: Innovation, Design, and Performance

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Vogue Tyres: Innovation, Design, and Performance

When it comes to exceptional craftsmanship and superior performance in the tire industry, one brand stands the test of time - Vogue Tyre & Rubber Company. With its origins dating back to 1914, Vogue Tyres has consistently redefined luxury and performance in the tyre industry for over a century.

Vogue Tyres' innovation story begins with the creation of the whitewall tire, designed to attract the business of chauffeur-driven cars in the early 20th century. But Vogue Tyres didn’t stop there; they continued to innovate, introducing custom white with red stripe sidewalls and custom white with gold stripe sidewalls, again marking themselves as trendsetters in the industry.

From the original whitewall design, the brand expanded its offerings to include a distinctive Gold Streak tire, a favorite for both street and track use during the 1960s. The emphasis wasn't just on style; Vogue Tyres also sought to enhance safety and performance.

Perhaps one of the most significant leaps in Vogue Tyres' journey was the introduction of Kevlar, a material known for its use in bulletproof vests, in the late '70s. This addition to the Vogue Super Aramid Radial Tyres brought an unparalleled degree of strength and safety to their products.

Entering the 21st Century

Vogue Tyres continued to stay ahead of the curve. Recognizing the shifting trends in the automotive industry, the company developed new tires specifically for SUVs, Crossovers, and Light Trucks, available in a comprehensive range of 15-24" wheel sizes. These offerings are all backed by the Vogue Craftsmanship Promise: a 5 Year/60,000 mile Limited Treadware Warranty.

A Legacy of Innovation

In recent years, Vogue Tyres celebrated its 105-year anniversary by releasing the limited-edition Red Stripe tire. Initially offered in select sizes, due to high demand, the Red Stripe has since become its product line.

Vogue Tyres has not just endured for over a century; it has thrived, continually setting industry standards and pioneering new advances. Known for its custom luxury tires, Vogue Tyres continues to be the choice for high-end vehicles, for the discerning motorist, celebrities, and professional athletes alike.

As you peruse through the various tire options available on the market today, remember that Vogue Tyres offers more than just tires. They offer a legacy of craftsmanship, an assurance of quality, and an enduring commitment to innovation, safety, and performance.