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Reviewing the Michelin CrossClimate Tires

Posted by BB Blog Team on 11th May 2020

Changing tires is like changing your outfits as the season changes. You don't wear summer clothes in the winter and think it’s all good. That being said, can tires be used all season? Yes, there are plenty of tires sold throughout the season. However, it is at times stated as no-season in the automotive industry, because they are useless at any time of the year. As the time of year change, tire requirements vary greatly. In some parts of the country, there is usually a set of seasonal tires and a distinct set of wintertime tires.

Why this is the case in dry and hot weather, soft tire compounds provide traction and grip on the road. However, in freezing climates, these compounds may stabilize and lose their adhesive properties.

Though, a well-known tire manufacturer, Michelin, introduces its all-season tire, “CrossClimate” and unquestionably it is a hybrid tire. This tire is appropriate for all seasons and situations but sometimes not meets the needs of off-roaders that drive on snowy areas. So, if you are buying these tires for that purpose you must require special winter tires.

It’s Allover Design and Structure


Michelin CrossClimate is made up of specially designed neoprene combinations. The physical features of the compound allow it to undergo the tensile test required to obtain a 3PMSF. This means that even in adverse conditions, it cannot compete with dedicated winter tires and but can be used as a winter tire. So, if you drive an expensive car in the snowy area, it is recommended do not use seasonal tires.

A significant innovation in this tire is the combination of the self-closing 3D sipes—this design on tires considered as crafty. In general, the sipe design is as same as outside the surface of the tread, and under certain conditions, it automatically changes the shape when the tire is bent or pushed. So, the sipes are a bit dynamic. In unstable situations, its topological shape becomes more sipe-like and efficiently gripping the ground whether on snow or mud.

The tread design is artless and complex. This design is not as same as you expected from a seasonal tire. The tread pattern has a sideway design that is extremely maneuvering. This gives consistency in less favorable conditions but also ensures strength. The block pattern is open, which facilitates the flow of water when wet. In manufacturing tests, it shows that on wet roads this feature helps in emergency braking to stop the vehicle without skidding.

As you are worried about its tread life and mileage warranty, the manufacturer ensures 55,000 miles. The manufacturer also said, if you are driving performance or heavy vehicles, then this tire may not fit your needs as it is available in specific sizes.

If you don't live in a place where weather conditions are more likely to be winter, then go for Michelin CrossClimate, you can use this new tire all year round. This is especially useful if you live in a place where the climate changes.

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The summer season is around the corner, and you must be thinking to get a pair of summer tires, right? Well, that’s because the demands of tires vary from season to season. In hot and dry conditions, tires made of indulgent compounds are preferred as it provides grip and stickiness when on the road. On the other hand, these compounds become hard and lose their penetrating properties.

Saying that changing tires and changing clothes are the same thing wouldn’t be an exaggeration as both require change as per the season. Of course, you wouldn’t wear your winter clothes on a sunny day, so you can’t use a winter-made tire in summer. Fortunately, there is a possibility of all-season tires, but be sure to choose the right one.

With saying that, Michelin Crossclimate is one of the best all-season tires. It performs excellently in dry conditions, on wet roads, and during the snow. Here is a complete review of the Michelin Crossclimate Tires, let’s have a look!

Rubber Compound

The Crossclimate tires are made of specifically designed rubber compound. This compound enables us to permit the traction tests which are needed to obtain the 3PMSF - three-peak mountain snowflake symbol. It performs well on wet roads, and you can have a smooth drive even in adverse conditions. Whether you drive a BMW, SUV, or truck, these tires will always give you great rides.

Tread Design

The tread design of the Michelin Crossclimate tires is complex as well as simple. These tires have a tread pattern that is highly directional, and beveled in design. It results in uniformity and stability, even in adverse situations. Not only that, but they can also evacuate water in wet conditions which give the tire one of the shortest braking distances.

Tread Depth and Structure

In the Crossclimate review, another great thing is the addition of 3D self-locking sipes which make it a smart and innovative design.

The tread design of these tires can become flexed and pressured under certain conditions. Therefore, the sipes are vigorous to a major extent. In bad weather conditions, the topological shape turns into a more sipe-like to become even more efficient in gripping during slush and snow. Whereas, the sipes regain a more closed structure in better weather, particularly summer.

Michelin Crossclimate Review – Final Word

The Michelin Crossclaim tires are for all seasons. They are designed innovatively to provide you a safer and smoother ride in all weather conditions – dry, wet, and snow. These tires are highly praised for the excellent tread design, and how it can travel miles and miles without any poor performance. All in all, it’s the perfect tires for SUVs, BMWs, and other vehicles. Keep visiting our website because there will be more tire reviews to help you decide the best fit for your vehicle

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