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Everything about Michelin Primacy LTX Tires | Reviewed

Posted by BB Blog Team on 14th May 2020

Whether you drive a light truck or pickup and you are looking for durable, high-quality tires – there is no better choice than Michelin Primacy LTX tires. These tires are ideal for both wet and dry conditions.

You must have heard about the French tire manufacturer, Michelin, as it is well-known worldwide for manufacturing the best quality tires.

So, if you want to replace your current tires with Primacy LTX, this review is for you! In this article, you can get to know about the Michelin Primacy LTX tires performance on wet roads, in dry conditions, noisiness levels, and a lot more. Let’s read through the Michelin Primacy LTX Review together!

Michelin Primacy LTX 

Dry Performance

The Primacy LTX tires are great for both dry and wet roads. These tires provide excellent driving control because they are highly responsive to steering and easy to handle. When it comes to day-to-day and highway driving for pickups, crossovers, light-duty vans, and SUVs – these are the ideal tires.

What is even more interesting about the Michelin Primacy LTX Tires is it comes with EverGrip technology. This technology allows new grooves to emerge as time goes by, and the tire to widen the tread grooves. The manufacturers claim that the result is excellent in both dry and wet conditions even if the tire is worn.

Wet Performance

The Primacy LTX does not disappoint even in wet conditions. EverGrip technology makes driving smoother and safer, and they are easy to steer in the rain.

Expanding and Emerging Rain Grooves

The features of expanding and emerging rain grooves assure that the Michelin Primacy LTX can funnel water efficiently throughout the tire’s entire lifetime. Most other tires are unable to evacuate water, and the Primacy LTX retains that ability even when worn. Therefore, Michelin fulfills the claim – safe when new, safe when worn.

High-Traction Rubber Compound

The EverGrip technology consists of high levels of both sunflower and silica oil, which increase the wet grip and hydroplaning resistance of the wire. The sunflower oil provides a firm grip on wet roads, while the silica works as a bonding agent that enhances the tire strength. It is designed in such a way that the tire gives excellent traction even in extreme wet conditions throughout its lifetime.

Noise And Comfort

The Primacy LTX Tires are mainly designed to give smooth, comfortable, and noise-free rides. The internal structure of the tire, as well as the material of the rubber (silica and sunflower oil), make these tires quiet and easy to control. They provide a stable ride, so minor bumps cannot even be felt. However, these tires make a little noise when driving around 75mph or faster. Basically, it is more like a hum than an actual sound, and it’s not even noticeable most of the time.

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