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4Play Wheels: Revolutionizing the Aftermarket Wheel Industry

Posted by BB Wheels on 16th Nov 2023

4Play Wheels: Revolutionizing the Aftermarket Wheel Industry

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4Play Wheels: Revolutionizing the Aftermarket Wheel Industry

In the competitive realm of aftermarket wheels, 4Play Wheels, a brand under the OE Wheels umbrella, stands out with its innovative designs and commitment to quality. As one of the largest independent wheel distributors in North America, OE Wheels, headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, and soon expanding to Dallas, Texas, sets the stage for 4Play's exceptional products. This post explores what makes 4Play Wheels a top contender in the market.

Company Background and Capabilities:

OE Wheels, the force behind 4Play, has over 22 years of experience in the industry. Their operations span a massive 108,000 square feet, facilitating large-scale distribution and ensuring timely delivery across the United States. With a debt-free inventory exceeding 100,000 wheels and annual shipments of over 300,000 units, they've established a formidable presence in the market. OE Wheels' partnership with some of the world’s leading ISO 9001 certified wheel manufacturers mirrors the high standards upheld by 4Play Wheels.

Manufacturing Excellence:

4Play® Wheels benefits from using only the most advanced OEM wheel manufacturing facilities. With over 20 years of close relationships with global partners, they produce wheels that meet stringent OEM standards, emphasizing design elements often reserved for custom aftermarket wheels. This commitment to using high-cost manufacturing processes ensures the best product available, leveraging the latest technology.

Strength, Durability, and Engineering:

Every 4Play® Wheel is engineered and tested to exceed the most current Truck and SUV load capacities. This includes a 3900 lb. rating for 8 lug wheels and a 2900 lb. rating for 5/6 lug wheels, ensuring maximum strength and durability. Safety and product durability are paramount, with all designs following rigorous guidelines, including their Flow Formed and multipiece wheels.

Quality Certification and Runout Documentation:

State-of-the-art OEM facilities enable 4Play® Wheels to implement quality control processes that set them apart in the aftermarket industry. Each wheel receives porosity X-ray inspections, gas leak tests, and checks for radial and lateral runout, along with a visual finish inspection. Each wheel is tagged with a printout of these tests, demonstrating a commitment to quality and customer peace of mind.

Superior Finishing Process:

Bridging manufacturing and bespoke finishing, 4Play® Wheels are hand-finished by skilled technicians. They use high-strength, durable powder-based coatings, and a hand-brushing technique typically reserved for custom forged wheels. A final clearcoat is applied for UV fade and peeling resistance, and stainless steel is used for decorative bolts to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal.

4Play Wheels: Excellence in Engineering and Design:

4Play Wheels is synonymous with quality and innovation. Their wheels are manufactured in one of the most advanced facilities, focusing on safety, strength, and exceeding industry standards. Here's a look at their different series:

The NEW 4Play® Gen3 Series:

Offers four new wheel styles, crafted to enhance trucks' aesthetics, ride quality, and performance.

4Play Gen3 Series

The 4Play® Gen2 Cast Series:

Known for industry-changing designs, this series includes 5 styles, 3 sizes, and multiple fitments.

4Play Gen2 Series

The 4Play® F-Series:

Features the world's deepest concave profile forged wheels, available in three distinct styles and color combinations.

4Play F-Series

The 4Play® Sport Series:

Comprises 3 unique designs with zero offset direct bolt-ons, available in sizes from 17×9 to 22×9.

4Play Sport Series

Warranty and Customer Assurance:

All 4Play® wheels come with a robust warranty policy, offering a lifetime warranty on structure and a 1-year warranty on finish, underlining the brand's confidence in its products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

4Play Wheels: A Synthesis of Innovation and Excellence in Automotive Design

4Play Wheels, backed by the expertise of OE Wheels, stands at the forefront of the aftermarket wheel industry with its fusion of cutting-edge technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and a keen understanding of customer needs. Their unwavering commitment to quality, design excellence, and safety not only sets 4Play Wheels apart but also cements their status as a market leader. These wheels are more than just components of a vehicle; they are emblems of innovation and superior automotive design.

Interested in giving your vehicle a remarkable upgrade with 4Play Wheels? Reach out to us at 320-333-2155 to explore our extensive selection and find the perfect match for your truck or SUV. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing wheels that will transform your vehicle’s performance and appearance.