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Tires Financing With Poor Credit

Posted by BB Wheels on 24th Mar 2020

Financing Your Vehicle Tires with Poor Credit Isn’t a Problem Anymore

Tires Financing With Poor Credit

Have Bad Credit? No Issue!

BB Wheels understands that people may have certain financial limitations. As a small family business, we believe that everyone should have the second chance and the opportunity to enjoy their ride with the best wheel equipped on it. BB Wheels has become the home of free tire protection, fast delivery, and industry-leading reviews and is now home to all tire financing for all credit types!

You can use our pre-qualification process to find out how much you will receive before you start shopping. This helps you buy the wheels, tires or accessories you want, rather than giving yourself the time to think of what to buy with the money you have. Low initial purchase payment (between $0 and $59), the maximum approved amount is 6,500 USD, 0% financing options, same as the 90 days cash options, and repayment periods up to 36 months.

Advantages of Financing Your Wheels

Tire financing has numerous advantages, and the most apparent advantage is that the cost of the tire can be extended over time. These once-a-month payments can be budgeted so that the out-of-pocket expenses are not significantly affected. Most tire finance services require necessary info for immediate approval by email or phone throughout the process. If approved, you pay the first installment within a month and every month after that. You have a choice to choose between 3, 6,12, 18, 24 and 36 monthly payments for your suitability.

Cheap tires can extend the braking distance and shortened service life. Tire financing offers the chance to buy high-quality tires or tires that best suit the weather condition of your region, which car or truck you drive or how you drive.

For identical vehicles, the price of tires of the matching size can reach 100%. The feature of resources, the number of materials used, the equipment for making tires and the production process affect the price and performance of the tire.

To help you understand how a tire relates to the other, each tire has a (UTQG) printed on the sidewall. There is also plenty of information, customer reviews, and suggestions on some online tire models. If throughout the investigation, there is a more expensive model that interests you but exceeds the budget, financing may be the solution.

In the long run, extra money per month can be the right choice because better quality tires last longer, and brands with an excellent reputation for overall safety and performance can be bought and used with certainty.

If you have financed your vehicle tires, you can easily replace four tires rather than two.

During quick lane changing or emergency braking, even the use of new semi-tire tires can affect the maneuverability and stability of the vehicle.

The effect on driving is particularly pronounced when new tires are used with old tires on the old axle. This should always be sidestepped because tires on the same axle must have almost the same grip and the same overall width to ensure proper operation.

Tires with marginally different tread depths also have different turning of each mile. This can lose the power train of the vehicle.

Finance with Paytomorrow

All types of credit - including low credit and no credit

Prepay option for 90 days 

Doesn't affect your credit score

No hidden costs

Interest rates as low as 0%

36-month payment method

Fast decision making in real-time

When you buy tires from us we include Free Nationwide Tire Road Hazard Protection. We also Finance Wheels and Tires For ALL Credit Types

Still not convinced? Give us a call at 320-333-2155 and we can help you find the perfect set!

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