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Nitto Ridge Grapplers Make a Great Independence Day Gift

29th Jun 2018

Nitto Ridge Grapplers Make a Great Independence Day Gift

Independence Day is almost upon us and it is important to recognize it as the best holiday of the year. While Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving all have their high points, Independence Day is fantastic and unique all on its own.

Independence Day can best be described as a birthday party for our country. Others see it as a huge barbecue for the nation while others describe it as the best day of the year to drink cold beer. That last one is true because July is one of the hottest months of the year.

BB Wheels, the place you go for Nitto Ridge Grapplers, offers you the reasons why Independence Day is the best holiday ever.

The Weather is Always Perfect

Independence Day is celebrated in one of the warmest months of the year, and a month that offers little rain in many parts. Basically, you don’t really have to dream of a sunny 4th of July, like you do a white Christmas. Because we are quite sure the forecast for July 4th will be sun and heat.

It’s Great for All Ages

Independence Day appeals to the people of all ages. Whereas adults get too old to really enjoy Halloween and kids see no fun in celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, Independence Day is fun for young and old alike.

It’s Really the Only Significant Holiday in the Summer

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are all bunched together in the winter. And after Valentine’s Day, there is a huge gap until your hit Memorial Day, which really isn't much of a holiday.

After Independence Day comes Labor Day, which again, isn’t much of a holiday. So you only have Independence Day to look forward to from February to the last day of October.

It’s a Holiday Without Discrimination

Independence Day is a great holiday because it doesn’t discriminate against a single American. So no matter your religion, race, gender or age, you are more than welcome to celebrate.

It’s a Social Event

Independence Day is awesome because it’s a social event that is celebrated with family, friends and anybody in the park watching fireworks. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are mainly celebrated with family and you are frowned upon should you have your friends tag along for Christmas dinner.

You Can Celebrate It Anyway Your Desire

Independence Day is great because there really aren’t a whole lot of restrictions on how it should be celebrated. Many towns have parades or festivals in addition to fireworks. But many people skip out on those to stay home and grill great food with family and friends and set off their own fireworks.

Food is a Priority

Independence Day is all about the food. And the biggest difference between Thanksgiving and Independence Day is that you don't have a traditional food you have to serve on the 4th of July. The day is basically spend cooking, grilling and eating. Rinse and repeat.

It’s also cool to buy a set of truck wheels from BB Wheels for your husband to celebrate Independence Day. No, really, it is.