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Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires, Truck Wheels and Camping

28th Aug 2018

Labor Day weekend signals the changing of the seasons and marks the last hurrah of summer. We are thinking that you already have a plan for the three-day weekend, like most families do. Perhaps you are going to throw a pool party or maybe just a have a few friends over for a barbecue. Whatever you decide to do is fine, as long as it is an outdoor activity so you can enjoy the waning summer weather.

If you haven’t made any solid plans, might we be so bold as to give you a suggestion? Instead of sticking around the house this Labor Day weekend, you should load up the family in the pickup truck and take them camping.

Look, while lounging on the couch with a few cold beers and an array of shows on Netflix sounds wildly appealing, it is no way to celebrate the end-of-summer three-day holiday. You will have plenty of fall and winter days you can drink beer and watch shows on Netflix.

If you still remain unconvinced that you should go camping, BB Wheels, your source for Nitto Ridge Grappler tires and truck wheels, offers you these awesome reasons you should go camping this holiday weekend.

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You Have a Truck

This is as good as a reason as any to go camping. You own a truck, you should be using it to its full potential. Having Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires, Truck Wheels and Campinga truck means you can get to some pretty remote and prime campgrounds. Which is great if you want the place all to yourself.

It’s Cheap

You could take the family on a traditional vacation to some exotic city in Utah or California, but that winds up being quite an expensive adventure. Hotels are expensive, even if you do stay at Motel 6. A few nights in a motel will drain your bank account pretty quickly.

Eating out is also expensive when you travel to traditional destinations. Applebee’s riblet plates for the family will set you back a few dollars to be sure. Even more, if you actually leave a decent tip.

When you go camping, you bring the food you will want to prepare, and it can be something as cheap and simple as beans and hot dogs and burgers or you can upgrade to steaks.

And if you are a real cheapskate, you can have the kids go fishing and forage for berries and other edibles for the duration of your camping trip.

Family Time

When you don't have the kids out in the woods foraging for food, camping is a great way to spend some quality time with the family.

Family time at home consists of everybody sitting around the table at dinner with their noses pressed into their smartphones. You would complain about it, but you are just as guilty as you are constantly checking emails from work.

Any campsite worthy of traveling to won’t have wifi or have a cell tower near enough to garner any bars on your smartphones. This means that you remain disconnected from the world while on your camping trip.

To the horror of your children, this means you will actually have to converse face to face during meals. It will be something that is sure to create memories for all.

Quiet Time

You deserve a break from the hectic, modern life you lead. There are few places better to get some peace and quiet and get back in touch with yourself than on a camping trip. The best way to get self-centered again is by listening to the crickets chirp at night, the gentle breeze through the trees and a babbling brook.

Great Food

It really doesn't matter what you eat while you are camping, it’s great food. Even simple burgers and hot dogs taste amazing when you are camping. Even a can of beans warmed over the fire is a gourmet meal.

Nobody knows the reasons why, but food on a camping trip just tastes wonderful.

What’s just as nice is that you don't have to watch what you eat so much. You see, you need to extra calories to burn when you go hiking, boating, fishing or whatever you do for fun while camping.

A Different Environment

You spend your days in an office building staring at the same four walls. You go home, flop on the couch and stare at the same four walls. You live in a world where traffic noise and lawnmowers are sounds you hear all day long. It has got to end, even for just a weekend.

A camping trip rescues you from your ugly landscape and delivers a scene of peace and beauty. Your camping trip will reveal purple mountains, sprawling meadows, peaceful lakes, nature-scented breezes and thick forests.

And when you return from your camping trip, you can treat yourself to a set of wheels for your truck. Go to BB Wheels and order today.