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Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires and Sounds Your Truck Makes

13th Jul 2018

Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires and Sounds Your Truck Makes

While modern trucks are more reliable than ever, they still need to be properly maintained and repaired from time to time. One dead giveaway that indicates you need to have someone take a look at your truck is in the sounds it makes.

We aren’t talking about the normal truck sounds, like the purr of your engine or the squeal of your Nitto Ridge Grappler tires when peeling out, we mean that strange clunking noise in the engine compartment and the grating sound coming from the wheels.

Most of you are familiar with how your truck should sound. So if you hear something different, you know right away something is not right. But just how bad is it? That is, depending on what is wrong with your truck, you either need to get it fixed relatively soon or right away without hesitation.

BB Wheels presents the sounds your truck makes and the problems they may indicate.

Clunking When Braking

In all likelihood, you have a brake caliper that is either damaged, missing or not mounted properly.

Hissing Under the Hood

This sound could mean you have any number of problems. If you hear the noise with the engine off, something is definitely leaking. You could have an oil leak or a coolant leak.

If the sound can be heard when the engine is running, you could have a leak in a vacuum line or something could be leaking on your engine manifold.

Of course, that hissing could be your engine overheating as well.

Knocking Under the Hood

A knock could mean something as simple as the fact you are using a low-grade fuel. If changing the grade of fuel you use doesn’t solve the problem, it could be anything from a loose piston, rocker arm or any number of moving parts in your engine that could be loose.

Loud Bang

A loud bang could be your truck backfiring. Your fuel-air mixture might be too rich or your catalytic converter is not properly functioning.

Roaring When You Accelerate

The first thing you want to check is your exhaust system, it could have been damaged. Your transmission could also be the culprit. If you have an automatic transmission, it might not be advancing to the next gear. If you have a manual transmission, your clutch could be slipping.

Scraping, Grinding and Squealing From the Wheels

These noises coming from the wheels usually mean you are having issues with your brakes. Squealing brakes indicate you need to have pads replaced. Don’t wait to do this or the squeal will turn into a grinding and scraping noise.

If you hear grinding and scraping, you are hearing the horrible noise of metal on metal. This means your simple brake job just became more extensive and expensive.


If you hear a chirping noise under your hood, it’s just a bird stuck under there. Just kidding, just trying to inject some humor into the article. It won’t happen again.

A chirping noise when you accelerate usually means you have a loose belt that is slipping.

If your truck is not making any of these noises and is running rather well, now is the time to buy a set of truck wheels from BB Wheels