​If You Own a Four-Wheel Drive, With a Nice Set of Grid Wheels, You Should Be Spending Time on the Trails

Posted by Bobby Shell on 6th Jun 2016

If you own a four-wheel drive, with a nice set of Grid wheels, and enjoy adventure, you should be spending more time on the trails. So if you are sitting at your workstation staring out the window and wondering what you will be doing this weekend, consider doing a little off-road driving.

Off-road driving offers a sense of freedom and a sense of adventure. There you sit day in and day out staring with glassy eyes at your computer monitor, monitors if you are so lucky as to have multiple screens. Your life is slowly being sucked away, your energy levels are sinking to new lows, revitalize yourself by conquering a tough trail in your truck or Jeep. A hearty trail run will breathe life back into your body.

Is technology ruining your life? Stop for just a moment, that’s right, put the iPhone down, and consider how much time you spend a week playing stupid games on your smartphone or “checking up” on ex-girlfriends on Facebook. You would be surprised at how much of your time is spent on these devices. Just remember this; there is no iPhone if off-road. Disconnect from the distractions these devices cause and reconnect with the great outdoors.

We live in a noisy world, one filled with the sounds of traffic, the constant clicking of keyboards and the incessant chatter of people on their cell phones. It is enough to drive anyone mad. Take the time to find a spot off the beaten path where the only sounds to be heard are the whistling of evergreens and the babblings of a brook. It’s kind of like a nature CD, but only in real life.

So now that you know what you are doing this weekend, get back to work.