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​Black Rhino Wheels and Ways to Make Money with Your Pickup

3rd May 2018

You love owning a pickup truck and it comes in handy all of the time. Your friends and family never hesitate to call you when they are moving or when they need an old refrigerator hauled away. You don't mind taking on these tasks from time to time, but you wonder if you could ever actually make money using your truck.

It happens to all of us, one minute life is great and full of wonder and joy and then the next minute, an unexpected expense comes up and we find ourselves broke. It could be a medical emergency that wiped out your stashed cash or it may have been a leaky roof or a broken transmission on the wife’s minivan. Regardless the reason, it has set you back financially to the point you are now buying Ramen noodles by the case at Costco.

And even though you love Ramen noodles, you can't stand the thought of you and your family eating them every night.

Now, you know this financial setback is temporary and before long, you will be treating the family to a wholesome dinner at Applebee's every Saturday night once again. But in the meantime, you need to find a way to rake in some cash.

So use your pickup truck.

No, that’s not what we mean, Sure, you could get good money for your truck wheels, especially if you have a sweet set of Black Rhino wheels from BB Wheels. Keep your truck wheels, man, we have better ways you can make some money.

Pick-Up Service

You can bet that people who own Hyundai Elantras need help getting that old couch to the dump or help hauling off that old mattress.

While Elantras are fine cars, they lack the truck space to carry anything bigger than a medium-sized body. Bad example, but you get what we mean.

So put an ad on Craigslist and make money hauling things away for people who aren't smart like you and don’t own a pickup truck.

Moving Services

There are a lot of people who would be more than happy to pay you to help them move. Moving is a job nobody likes, especially if you don’t own a pickup truck.

Make sure when you negotiate a price for your moving service, you make sure pizza is involved.


Again, the bed of your truck is big and able to hold way more stuff than any car. Without a doubt, there will be people who would pay you to make deliveries. That guy that owns the Hyundai, he just bought a dining room set at the flea market and has no way to get it home. This is where you come to the rescue.

Snow Plowing

A snow plow attachment for your truck will set you back a grand or two, but you will make that back and much more one month into the snowy season.

Providing you live somewhere where it does snow.

And once you are back on your feet financially, reward yourself with a new set of truck wheels from BB Wheels.