Aftermarket Truck Wheels and Traveling with Pets

14th Nov 2018

Aftermarket Truck Wheels and Traveling with Pets

You just got a great set of aftermarket truck wheels from BB Wheels and you couldn't be happier about your choice. We get it, a new set of Fuel wheels or Moto Metal wheels changes the entire look of your ride.

You also had the truck in for a checkup and it is running at peak performance. This is good because you plan on taking a few long road trips to visit family and friends at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

You also plan on bringing Fido with your on these long expeditions. It can be lonely on the road and you have decided that you need a co-pilot for your holiday trips.

Perhaps you don’t have a dog and are going to bring Mittens, your cat, on the holiday trips this year. Hey, pets are great company, even while you drive cross country in your truck.

A pet in your truck for companionship is a great idea. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you plan on bringing your dog or cat with you on your trip to grandmother’s house. Here are a few tips for traveling with pets.

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Food And Water

It is very important that you make sure you have enough food and water for your dog or cat while you are on the road. You must pack plenty of quality pet food from your pet store for the journey as you can’t expect to feed your pets whatever you happen to buy at the truck stop.

Also, make sure you have several bottles of water for your pet to enjoy on the trip.

Lots Of Breaks

Pets are a lot like children, they like to take frequent breaks while on the road to get out and stretch their legs and go potty. It is important that you take plenty of breaks for your pet on your road trip. Fido will love to walk around and maybe play a bit at the rest stop.

Safe And Comfortable

There is no way you would take a child on a road trip without ensuring their comfort and safety. The same should apply for your pet.

An unsecured pet is a pet that is in danger of injury or even worse should an accident occur. Even slamming on the brakes too hard can send Mittens crashing into the windshield.

When it comes to pet safety, there are several options. You can opt for a dog kennel for travel or there are harnesses that attach to seat belts. You can also search the internet for more options.

Choose The Right Pet

As much as you would love to bring your pit bull or boxer with you on your road trip, it might be a good idea to bring a smaller or older dog. Some breeds of dogs are just more mellow than others and won't mind just sitting in the truck for hours on end. 

Pet Proof Your Truck

There is a good chance that your cat or dog will be drawn to the area where your feet are. Pets feel safe when they are at your feet. But this is a bad place for them to be due to the dangers.

And while you might teach Fido not to go there, a cat will basically ignore you. Your best bet is to create a barrier so that your pet doesn't wind up down where the gas and brake pedals are.

If you want to change the look of your truck, get a new set of aftermarket wheels at BB Wheels. Your dog will love them.