Bolt Pattern Finder

Shopping wheels by bolt pattern is a good way to ensure you find the right wheels to fit your car, truck, Jeep, or SUV. There’s no need to worry about finding the bolt pattern yourself, we’ve done all of that work for you. Find your wheel bolt pattern with our helpful guide. Search for your vehicle by make, model, and year. Click the link once you’ve found it and see a full selection of wheels with the correct bolt pattern for you.

5x120 Bolt Pattern Wheels

The 5x120 bolt pattern is one of the most common amongst cars, so naturally, there is a big selection to choose from. Due to it regularly being used on different cars, there are a good number of wheel sizes available in the 5x120 bolt pattern. Shop from 15-inch wheels up through 24-inch wheels. Order your desired rims and get fast and free shipping. You can also take a look at our financing options for your order.

Call or Contact BB Wheels

If you feel a little overwhelmed by the large selection of 5x120 bolt pattern wheels, speak to a fitment specialist to help you find the right style for your vehicle. We can be reached at 320-333-2155, or you can also contact us by email at any time with questions.