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Wheels for 6x5.5" Bolt Pattern

The 6x5.5" bolt pattern is easily the most popular and widely available truck & suv wheel bolt pattern on the market today.  We maintain a wide selection of 6x5.5" rims for many makes & models of trucks that share this commen wheel fitment.  We also offer free shipping & the guaranteed best pricing on all 6x5.5" wheels.  The 6x5.5" bolt pattern was introduced in 1967 on the Chevy 1500 4x4 models and still used today!  Many Toyota, Nissan, and Hummer models of truck also use the 6x5.5" wheel bolt pattern today also!  Call a BB Wheels representative today to order your 6x5.5" rims!

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BB Wheels offers a wide selection of 6x5.5" wheels for many makes, models, and years of trucks & SUV's at the nation's best online pricing, guaranteed.
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