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Red Truck Wheels

Red Truck & Suv Wheels

Red truck wheels & rims, one of the most sought after & hard to find wheel setups online today!  BB Wheels offers a wide combination of ready made and also customizable wheel options in a black and also machined black finish with inserts or accents that can be easily removed, painted, & customized to red once you receive them.  Check out our selection of black & red wheels and rims below that can be customized with red accents.  Call us today to order your red truck & suv wheels at 320-333-2155!


Black XD Monster 2 Moto Metal MO969 Wheels XD Rockstar 3 (Red Inserts Sold Separately) XD Rockstar 3 (Red Split Spokes Sold Separately)
xd-xd822-18x10-1501-061-00-500-08205.1440622836.1280.12802.jpg mo-mo9692-20x9-1401-011-00-500.jpg wheelpros-xd827-20x12-1605-970-00-midspokered-5002.jpg xd-rockstar-3-red-wheels-23.jpg
XD Rockstar 3 (Red Rings Sold Separately)  Black Tuff T12 Wheels Black Mayhem Assault Wheels Moto Metal MO961 Wheels
xd-rockstar-3-red-ring-wheels-2.jpg tuff-t12-satinblack-redinserts-standard2.jpg mayhem-assault-red.jpg motometal-961-6-lug-satin-black-w-red-inserts-500.jpg
Black Ballistic Jesters Machined Ballistic Jesters Machined Tuff T01 Wheels Black Tuff T01 Wheels
ballistic-jester-814-black.jpg ballistic-off-road-wheels-814-jester-20-inch-20x90-off-road-bl-10145220.jpg tuff-t01-flat-black-machined-face-flange-redinserts-standard-2-2-22.jpg tuff-all-terrain-t01-flat-black-red-inserts.jpg
 XD Rockstar 2 (Inserts Can Be Removed & Painted Red) Tuff T10 Wheels Black Mayhem Missile Wheels   Machined XD Rockstar 2 (Inserts Can Be Removed & Painted Red)



tuff-t10-20x12-flatblack-redaccents-standard-2-212.jpg mayhem-missile-red.jpg  machined-rockstar-2.jpg
 Moto Metal MO984 (Inserts Can Be Removed & Painted Red) Grid Offroad GD1 (Inserts Can Be Removed & Painted Red)   American Truxx Stacks (Inserts Can Be Removed & Painted White)  Moto Metal MO984 (Inserts Can Be Removed & Painted Red)





Machined XD Rockstar 3 (Custom Red Split Spokes Available)   Machined XD Rockstar 3 (Custom Red Mid Spokes Available)  Machined XD Rockstar 3 (Custom Red Ring Available)   









 BB Wheels offers the widest selection of ready made and customizable red truck rims online today at the GUARANTEED best pricing with FREE shipping.  Call us to order yours today!