Trail Grappler

The Nitto Trail Grappler MT tires, with FREE SHIPPING from BB Wheels at cheap wholesale prices, blend some of the performance of the Nitto Mud Grappler tire with the on-road comfort of the Nitto Terra Grappler tire to create an off-road mud tire that is both aggressive and quiet.  For all terrain performance, the reinforced sidewall of the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tire and thick rubber construction increasess puncture resistance. On the tread surface, the rigid blocks of the Nitto Trail tire provides additional biting edges that command stability and enhance traction. For on-road comfort, Nitto’s engineers used advanced sound analysis equipment to reduce noise levels commonly associated with off-road tires for a quieter drive.  Free shipping on all Nitto Trail Grappler tires along with the lowest cheap wholesale pricing, contact us today at 320-333-2155!