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Kenda is a well-known tire brand that was originally founded in 1962 to produce bicycle tires. As the years went on, Kenda expanded their offerings into motorcycle and scooter tires, lawn and garden tires, trailer tires, golf car tires, passenger car tires, and light truck and SUV tires. Kenda is a leader of racing and Baja tires. Kenda strives to deliver tires with unmatched performance and durability. Whether you are looking for an ultra high-performance tire for your car, an all-season light truck tire, or a mud tire, Kenda has a tire to suit your needs. Kenda light truck tires include the Kenda Klever AT2 KR628 all terrain tire, the Kenda Klever RT KR601, a hybrid mud/all terrain tire, and the Kenda Klever MT KR29, a popular mud terrain tire. Kenda offers ATV and UTV tires like the Bearclaw series, Dominator, Executioner, Klaw XC, Pathfinder, Kutter, Mastadon AT and the Havok. Kenda tire engineers deliver some of the greatest tires you see on the road today! BB Wheels offers all new Kenda tires for sale online with our affordable everyday financing options. Call BB Wheels today at 320-333-2155 for FREE shipping and GUARANTEED lowest prices in the USA.