Hardcore Off-Road

Emerging into the off-road aftermarket wheel industry, Hardcore Off-Road is making a core foundation in the off-road market. With over 10 years of producing the deepest lips and aggressive stances, Hardcore Off-Road has a significant lineup of wheels for the masses. Whether you are looking to upgrade your lifted or leveled Jeep, truck, or SUV check out the intricate spoke designs on the rims of Hardcore Off-Road. Wheel sizing starts at 20” and goes to the generous 26” with widths ranging from 10” to 14” for all whether you are using it as a daily driver or taking the vehicle out to do some off-roading. High-quality rims available in 5, 6, and 8-lug bolt patterns make it one of the best off-road wheel companies to date. If you’re needing some help determining which size and fitment option for Hardcore Off-Road wheels will work best for you? Contact one of BB Wheels off-road specialist sales representatives today! They are easily accessible to contact by phone call Monday thru Friday at 320-333-2155 between 8 am and 5 pm CST. During these same times, BB Wheels online chat is available to speak to a live agent. They will be able to go over the entire financing process as well to all credit-type customers. BB Wheels also provides FREE shipping to anywhere in the continental United States with every set of Hardcore Off-Road wheels. Don’t become accustomed to the same mundane wheels everyone has and get yourself into a new set of Hardcore Off-Road wheels.