Finding Your Bolt Pattern

If you are unfamiliar with bolt patterns, a wheel’s bolt pattern refers to the layout of its mounting holes. It is essentially the measurement of an imaginary circle made by the lug nut holes in the center of the wheel. If this sounds complicated and you don’t feel comfortable figuring it out on your own, don’t worry — BB Wheels has done the bolt pattern work for you. Check out our bolt pattern by vehicle finder. Find your vehicle’s make, model, and year, and the link will take you right to the page with a selection of wheels that match your bolt pattern.

5x100 Bolt Pattern Wheels

We offer a large selection of wheels in all bolt patterns, and the 5x100 bolt pattern is no exception. This bolt pattern is often used by vehicle brands such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Pontiac, Chrysler, Buick, Chevy, Subaru, and Audi. You can shop wheels in the 5x100 lug pattern in varying sizes, from 14-inch up to 20-inch, and even 22-inch wheels.

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Questions or Comments?

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