5x5.5 (5x139.7) Bolt Pattern

30 inch wheels, in a 5x5.5 (5x139.7) bolt pattern, are available online from BB Wheels, a small-town family owned and operated business. Available in numerous finishes, 30 inch rims are offered in silver, machined, polished, gray, bronze, blue, red, chrome, milled, black, and many more! Get free shipping along with some of the lowest pricing for sale online on all 30" wheels with a 5x5.5 (5x139.7) bolt pattern. Vehicles typically able to accommodate the 5x5.5 (5x139.7) bolt pattern with a 30" diameter rim include the 5-lug Dodge Ram 1500 and Dakota; Jeep CJ5 and CJ7; Mitsubishi Raider; Chrysler Aspen; Suziki Vision, XL7, and Grand Vitara; Ford E150 vans and F150 trucks prior to 1997. Our fitment team can be reached at 320-333-2155 to assist you with ordering your 5x5.5 (5x139.7) rims, or to answer any of your questions.


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