17 Inch Wheels

We offer many bolt patterns for our 17" wheels to ensure you find the correct wheel for your truck, SUV, or car. Bolt patterns such as 3x112, 4x100, 4x108, 4x4.5 (4x114.3), 4x98, 5x100, 5x105, 5x108, 5x110, 5x112, 5x115, 5x120, 5x127, 5x130, 5x135, 5x150, 5x160, 5x205, 5x4.5 (5x114.3), 5x4.75 (5x120.65), 5x5.5 (5x139.7), 5x6.5, 6x115, 6x120, 6x127, 6x130, 6x132, 6x135, 6x4.5 (6x114.3), 6x5.5 (6x139.7), 7x150, 8x170, 8x180, 8x200, 8x210, and 8x6.5 (8x165.1) are all offered in the 17" rims. Available in many finishes such as black, chrome, silver, machined and much more in 17" wheels, you will be sure to find the correct wheels for your vehicle. Call us today at 320-333-2155 to order your new 17" wheels at a great low price as well as FREE SHIPPING!