14.5 Inch

At BB Wheels, we're your go-to source for the perfect set of tires for 14.5" wheels. We proudly provide an extensive selection of high-quality, robust trailer and commercial tires to fit any 14.5" wheel base. Our range includes top-tier brands known for their exceptional durability, performance, and safety on the road, so you can ensure a smooth ride every time. Whether you're hauling heavy loads with a trailer or navigating the city streets in your commercial vehicle, we have the 14.5" tire solutions to meet your unique needs. Not only do we have the tires to fit your needs, but we also offer unbeatable prices. We believe that a reliable ride shouldn't break the bank. Now, isn't it time to upgrade your vehicle's performance and safety with our quality 14.5" tires? Give us a call today at 320-333-2155 and our friendly, knowledgeable team will guide you through the best tire options for your needs. To make things even better, we offer free shipping on all orders, and we have financing offers available to help make your purchase as smooth as possible. Get rolling with BB Wheels – your journey to superior mobility begins here!