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The name 'Misfit' not only does this XD Series Misfit line of wheels justice, but they also provide the owners of them with the rebeliious attitude they are looking to incur onto their competitors. For those of you looking to make an aggressive impression with your competitors on the off-road track that you'll be racing on soon, you'll want a set of these rims doing the talking for you. They are lighter in composition and their metallic elements are made to be just as strong as the heaviest of rims out there. They are the very defiinition of a misfit, which means that they are an entity that is different from other entities and that does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation. Now doesn't this sound like the very definition of what you want to convery out on the race track? With the added benefit of free same day shipping, you'll be on your way to owning these little low-cost misfits in a matter of no time at all. Call us at 322-333-2155