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When you go on your next camping trip and go off-roading, don't you want some really cool and strong rims doing the dirty work for you? Well, there's little to no contention invloved from any other set of rims when they are compared to these XD Series Heist wheels. Just looking at them will make you feel like you are looking at something that was designed for the batmobile. The nasty grit that these bad boys exhibit will make a lasting impression on anyone who looks upon them. For those of you that are looking for a very exciting camping trip, there's nothing better than having your lifted SUV or truck supported with these fantastic rims. You'll be blown away at the results you'll not only feel while you are going over large bumps and rocks, but the savings you'll get with our low prices. FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING applies and you can call us with any questions at 322-333-2155!