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Wheels for 5x5.5" Bolt Pattern

Searching for a brand new set of shiny 5x5.5" wheels for your Dodge Ram 1500?  BB Wheels has the widest selection of quality rims in the 5x5.5" bolt pattern ranging in size from 15" up to 24"  No matter if you are looking for a 5x5.5" set of wheels for a 1979 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton or a brand new Dodge Ram 1500 fresh of the lot, BB Wheels has a set of 5x5.5" rims for you!  Call us today or browse our wide selection of 5x5.5" wheels below!

Click Below to Select Your Favorite 5x5.5" Wheel Size!

15" 5x5.5" Wheels 

16" 5x5.5" Wheels

17" 5x5.5" Wheels

18" 5x5.5" Wheels

20" 5x5.5" Wheels

22" 5x5.5" Wheels

24" 5x5.5" Wheels

Or, Click Below to Select Your Favorite Model of Truck or SUV in the 5x5.5" Wheel Size

Ford F150 5x5.5 5x5.5 5x5.5

BB Wheels offers a full lineup of 5x5.5" wheels for many trucks & SUV's including the Dodge Ram 1500 at the guaranteed best online pricing with free shipping.
Call us today to order your 5x5.5" rims!