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What are PVD Chrome Wheels & Rims? The Answer is Here!

What are PVD chrome wheels?

Do you love the look of chrome wheels but hate the amount of maintenance that they require to prevent pitting & corrosion? We feel the same way and that is why we are here to tell you all about PVD chrome wheels and why they are the future of the aftermarket rim industry!

The basics of a PVD chrome rim is that they offer increased durability that eliminates the worries of yesterday's chrome dipped wheels. The PVD finish is a powder coated process that maintains a high quality shine but is of a completely different chemical composition that will not pit or flake under normal circumstances & use. Chrome PVD wheels have the benefit of being able to be used year around, even in harsh winter climates that have heavy salt usage rates on their roads and highways. The chemical makeup of a PVD chrome wheel is not something that will react and begin to corrode like older style chrome dipped wheels would.

While the benefit of PVD chrome wheels are obvious in terms of durability, the most common question our customers ask is, "how does a pvd chrome wheel look in comparison to a chrome dipped wheel?" PVD chrome wheels have different levels of finishes, some levels are an exact match to chrome dipped wheels while other levels have a slightly darker tint to them but still have the same great chrome shine. Below is a side by side picture of 2 Fuel Off Road wheels. The top wheel is a PVD finish, the bottom wheel is chrome dipped. As you can see, there is a slightly darker tint to the PVD wheel, but our belief is that once on the your truck, and rolling down the road no longer side by side, you'll never notice the difference other than the years of trouble free enjoyment you will have with chrome PVD rims.  (*Currently to our knowledge, no reputable manufacturer offers an exact matching PVD chrome wheel due to durability concerns of this level of finish.) 

Give us a call today at 320-333-2155 to discuss all of our PVD chrome wheel options/questions or click here to look only at chrome wheels for your truck. Be sure to look at the wheels that are specifically labeled "PVD" to ensure a long lasting quality chrome shine! BB Wheels GUARANTEES the BEST pricing along with FREE shipping on all chrome PVD wheels & rims we sell!