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5 Lug Toyota Tundra Wheels - 2007 & Newer - 5x150 Bolt Pattern

In 2007, Toyota introduced the redesigned Tundra sporting a new. 5 lug 5x150 bolt pattern, that sent aftermarket wheel manufacturer's into a frenzy. While this 5x150 bolt pattern had been used on the Landcruiser dating back to 1998, never had it been used on a vehicle as popular as the Toyota Tundra. Wheel manufacturers knew this would instantly elevate the demand for 5 lug 5x150 rims & wheels and they knew that they needed to respond. At the time, there were minimal amounts of aftermarket wheels offered in the 5 lug 5x150 bolt pattern for the Toyota Tundra, demand simply wasn't there. Fast forward to today where the popularity of the Toyota Tundra trucks is driving demand and production substantially for new & invigorating wheel designs and options. BB Wheels offers a wide selection of 5x150 rims for the Tundra, with the most popular sizes being 18", 20", 22", and 24". Many finishes are also available for the 5 lug Toyota Tundra including black, machined, chrome, anthracite, and many more! BB Wheels offers FREE shipping & the GUARANTEED best pricing on all Toyota Tundra wheels in the 5 lug 5x150 bolt pattern. Check out our selection below or call us today at 320-333-2155 to order yours!

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