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Carlisle USA Trail tires are available from BB Wheels with FREE shipping; we are a friendly, family owned and operated company! Carlisle trailer tires are manufactured to keep you safely on the road by providing top-of-the-line performance. Carlisle USA Trail tires are a recognized tire model produced by a reputable tire brand you can trust and will keep you safe on the road. Trailer tires are designed with stronger and stiffer sidewalls to allow for hauling heavier weight capacities than a car or truck tire. Carlisle trailer tires are ready, willing, and able to handle your loads for the long haul. USA Trail Carlisle tires are available in sizes to fit 8", 9", 12", 13", 14", and 15" wheels. Ordering Carlisle USA Trail tires has never been easier! Call 320-333-2155 to talk with our tire experts.


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