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Hostile Wheels, Winter Tires and Getting Your Car or Truck Ready for Winter

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As fall begins to wind down, many of you in parts where the snow flies and the wind blows will begin a transition into winter. The snow and sleet and freezing temperatures introduce a number of challenges to everyday life. That noise you just heard was a collective sigh of those who know just what we are talking about.

There are several things you should be doing to ensure that your vehicle is operating successfully. Breaking down on the side of a lonely country road is bad enough when it happens in the summer, it could be disastrous if it happens in the winter, especially during a snowstorm or cold front.

BB Wheels, your source for Hostile wheels and Nitto Grappler tires, offers you ways in which you can prepare your car or truck for winter.

Winter Supply Box

The single most important thing you can do this winter is by having a winter supply box in your truck or car. It can make all of the difference in the world should you find yourself broken down or stuck in the snow.

Make sure your emergency supply kit includes a flashlight, road flares, a few blankets, gloves and a hat, warm clothes, a phone charger, a radio and a first aid kit.

Get Winter Tires

If you are in a part of the country that doesn’t experience cold and snowy winters, check your tires to ensure they are at proper pressure levels and check tread depth. The tires are the only point of contact to the ground and should be in excellent shape heading into winter.

If you are in a part of the country that suffers cold and snow, it makes sense to swap out your summer tires for winter tires. Even if you have all-season tires, winter tires fair much better in the snow.

Test Your Battery

Battery capacity decreases significantly in the cold months of winter. It is important that you check your battery to ensure it is at peak performance. It is also important that you have a set of jumper cables in the car. You cannot rely on others to carry jumper cables, it is your responsibility to have a set.

Check the Windshield

If you have cracks or chips on your windshield, it is likely that they will get worse, possibly much worse, in the cold temperatures. Cracks and chips should be repaired in the fall by a professional.

You also need to replace your wiper blades to ensure that they can handle the elements that block your vision.

Inspect Your Lights

It is vital that you have fully functioning lights on your vehicle. With the short days of winter, you will be spending more time driving in the dark. Not only will your lights help your visibility, they also help other drivers see you better.

Examine Belts and Hoses

Make sure to have your belts and hoses checked for wear and tear. Even if your car or truck is rather new, cold winter can do a number on your belts and hoses so give them the attention they need.

If you are interested in winter tires, visit BB Wheels today. 

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