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Do You Need Winter Tires?

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We expect that while you were driving home from work, enjoying the crisp fall air and the brightly-colored leaves drifting across the road, you had snow tires on your mind. This is because before you know it, winter will hit hard and your morning and evening commute will be over 15 inches of snow.

Perhaps this is not the case. If you live, for example, in Southern California, it is unlikely you will have to deal with the white stuff in the winter. So it’s pretty straightforward; if you live in Los Angeles, you don't need to worry about snow tires.

But it’s not so black and white in other parts of the country. Many of you might wonder if there is a snow threshold that needs to be crossed before you should get snow tires. For example, do you need snow tires if you live in a place where it doesn’t snow a whole lot? BB Wheels, your source for Fury wheels and Nitto Terra Grappler tires, shares a few thoughts on snow tires.

No Snow, No Winter Tires?

There is a place for all-season tires, but if you live in an area that regularly sees temperatures dropping below 44 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter, then you should seriously consider a set of winter tires.

Here are the facts: The rubber on winter tires is optimized for more than just snow and ice, they are constructed to stay pliable and flexible in cold weather. So even if you are driving on roads free from snow and ice, your vehicle is still going to accelerate, stop and handle better with winter tires if the temperature is under that 44-degree mark.

But I Have AWD and That is All I Need

A lot of drivers insist they don’t need winter tires because they drive an All-Wheel Drive vehicle. While an AWD or 4-wheel drive vehicle might help you with acceleration by moving all four wheels forward, you will still do much better with winter tires. You will also have more controlled stops with winter tires.

Look, don’t take our word for it, there have been many studies on the matter.

But All-Season Tires are Made for All Four Seasons, Even Winter

There are two things that differentiate winter tire and all-season tires. Winter tires use a soft rubber compound that provides superior grip on snow and icy surfaces. By contrast, all-season tires use a harder rubber that tends to get even harder in cold weather. The result is a tire that slips and slides much more easily.

The second difference between the tires is in the tread. Winter tire treads have numerous narrow cuts that help give them a bite into the snow. All-season tires do not have these narrow cuts and struggle to grip snow and ice.

Whether you have winter tires or not, slowing down and driving with great care on snowy and icy roads will help you get to your destination without an incident. If you are interested in winter tires, visit BB Wheels.

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