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Cleaning Your Truck Wheels

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If you love your truck wheels as much as we think you do, then you will want them to shine. This means that you will probably spend a lot of time cleaning your Hostile, Fuel or Fury wheels. It is very important that you take great care when cleaning your aftermarket truck wheels. It’s not like your Fuel wheels are simply steel wheels that can be scrubbed with harsh chemicals and a steel wool pad.

The first thing you need to know is that not all truck wheels are equal. Truck wheels are made from a variety of materials and you need to know how to clean them properly. BB Wheels is here to take you through the process of cleaning your truck wheels.

Know The Material

If you have a set of stock wheels on your truck, they could be made from steel. Steel is the most basic material for a wheel. In comparison to other materials used to make truck wheels, steel wheels are cheap, yet very strong.

You can Google “How to clean steel wheels,” but you aren't going to come up with much. Steel wheels are rough and tough, you can get them clean by spraying them down with pressured water and wiping them off with a towel. Really, it’s that simple.

In all likelihood, you will only be covering your steel wheels with a hubcap anyway.

For chrome wheels, you need to remove the loose brake dust. Brake dust is the worst enemy your wheels face. One of the best ways to remove brake dust is with a stream of water from your hose.

The next step is to work each wheel with a chrome cleaner. That’s right, go to the store and get a can or two of chrome wheel cleaner and read the directions. These cleaners are non-acidic and won’t hurt the finish.

Chrome is a soft metal and will respond rather well to a good polishing. You will be rewarded with a chrome wheel that shines.

Understand The Wheel Finish

There are several wheel finishes that are available for truck wheels. It is a good idea to understand the finish of your wheels before you clean them. Make sure you read what the manufacturer recommends for cleaning your wheels.

Start With The Tires

Before you even touch a wheel, you should clean your tires. Spray a tire cleaning solution and let it soak for a minute. Scrub your tires down with a wire brush to get off all of the dirt and grime.

Get The Right Products

Once you have cleaned your wheels, it is time to apply a wheel protector and seal the surface. These types of products work the same way as car wax, you apply them with an applicator pad and buff them down.

Make sure you buy the right product for the type of wheels you have. In the end, you will have the sharpest, shiniest wheels on the block.

If you are still driving around town with stock steel wheels, get a clue and get a set of aftermarket wheels from BB Wheels

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