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We Sell Truck Wheels, a Lot of Truck Wheels

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The automobile industry is an important segment of the global economy. And whenever you buy something for your car, SUV or truck, like a steering wheel cover, for example, you are helping boost the economy.

But when you buy a steering wheel cover of a superhero or cartoon character, then you are just wasting your money. You are better off skipping out on purchasing that Deadpool or Tasmanian Devil steering wheel cover and saving up for a great set of truck wheels or car wheels from BB Wheels instead. At least people aren't going to make fun of you behind your back when you ride in style with a set of Fuel wheels or Kraze wheels.

Here is a short list of ridiculous car and truck accessories that you just need to avoid.

Trailer Hitch Safe

There are some genius truck owners out there who are driving around with their cherished valuables and cash stuffed into a fake trailer hitch.

Smartphone Holder That Mounts on Rear View Mirror

There are already just so many things that can distract you while driving, it makes you wonder how many states have laws against this and how much the fine would be if you were so inclined to mount one of these.

Wheel Lights

Wheel lights are super cool; if you are 16. Are they a bold choice or the height of stupidity? We are betting on the latter.


Spoilers have proven to be effective. But at a cost. When you see a spoiler on a car, it is difficult not to stereotype the driver. And not in a good way.

Tablet Holders

We have a great idea, let’s keep your iPad at home where it belongs. Next thing you know, there will be holders for the Amazon Echo and Google Smart Speaker. Alexa, what are the worst possible car accessories can one buy?

Gold-Trimmed Anything

Gold trim is a bad choice only because it tends to look weird on most colors, chrome is usually a better option. Besides, gold trim makes you look like you are trying too hard. Exceptions are granted for those who own a metallic brown or pearl white Edsel.

Massive Subwoofers Stuffed in Your Trunk

This is a trend that died years ago, not long after John Cusick turned 30.

Mudflap Girl

Chrome mudflap girl has been swinging under trucks for 50 plus years. It’s been a good run, but great performers know when to bow out. Besides, who puts money down for a truck accessory called mudflap girl?

Fake Badges

We don’t need no stinking badges, but, apparently, some of you do. For real people, in case you don't know, Hyundai has never made a Type X anything. Basically, that Elantra Type X so see in the parking lot at work is the only one in the world. And don't you dare throw a GT badge or SS badge on your Honda Accord.

Car Bra

If your car is pretty enough to want to protect it from splattered bugs, putting a black mask on it is kind of defeating the purpose. It’s kind of like putting a paper bag over the head of Jennifer Lawrence.

Anything Hanging on Your Rear View Mirror

That thing behind your rear view mirror is called a windshield and it lets you see all of the giant metal objects on the outside of your truck or car that could kill you. So we are guessing it is best you don’t hang something like your high school graduation tassel on it that will block your view.

Fake Scoops

Scoops are cool if they are justified by actually being functional. However, engineering a scoop takes more than just gluing one to your hood.


Just no.

Painted Brake Calipers

Just what everybody needs, something that draws attention to your discs.

Too Much Chrome

One of the most overused accessories of any type is the use of too much chrome. You might have a chrome grill, fine. But then you decide you want chrome mirrors, chrome window trim and chrome door handles. It all goes sideways when you install those annoying chrome fake fender vents.

Your best bet is to stick to a set of chrome wheels from BB Wheels and leave it at that.

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