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Best Off-Road Wheels and Tires For Your Ride

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Fuel is widely regarded as one of the best tire producers in the industry and have been since they were established in 2009. Coming from one of the most respected and trusted brands in the tire industry, off road Fuel tires can transform the look of your car or truck, as well as how it handles on- and off-road. Good quality off road wheels are a must have, if you ever drive your truck, SUV or car on anything but tarmac.

Top Fuel Tires

Getting the right tires for your vehicle is essential. Whether you just want to toughen up the look of your truck, SUV or car, or you're planning some serious off-road adventures; you need some of the heavy duty tires available from Fuel. This short guide looks at some of the best tires available from Fuel. View all Fuel tires available.

1. Mud Gripper MT

This off-road tire has a number of characteristics that ensure it competes with some of the most expensive large wheel tires on the market. The Mud Gripper MT boasts stability and durability both on- and off-road.

The three-ply sidewall improves stability and puncture resistance while travelling off-road and also gives this large tire an incredibly sporty feel while travelling on tarmac. Traction is fantastic on- and off-road thanks to the striped pattern across the entire width of it's huge footprint.

The Fuel Mud Gripper MT is the perfect choice for people looking to push their car or truck to its limits off-road, as well as benefit from a sporty-feel when they're driving through the city.

2. Gripper XT

These Fuel off-road tires excel in all areas. There's a deep thread that provides unparalleled traction on any surface, as well as durable, reinforced sidewalls that provide some of the best stability and longevity available on the market today.

It's almost impossible to puncture or bruise these tires thanks to the resilient three-ply carcass that provides all vehicles with an added layer of toughness. Suitable for any type of vehicle, these tires will never let you down.

These tires perform extremely well on all terrains and in any weather condition that you can think of. If you're after a precise steering response and cornering control that's on par with a sports car, these are the tires you're looking for. Whether you're a serious off-roader, or keep your truck for city use only, the Gripper XT tires are exactly what you need.

3. Gripper AT

The Gripper AT is a tire that's truly capable of transforming the look of absolutely any vehicle you decide to put them on. The bold, brutal look that perfectly matches the aggressive tread that makes these tires some of the toughest on the market. These tires are built for people who use their vehicles everyday. With a focus on improved stress distribution, tread life, and wear, the Gripper AT is ideal for your everyday truck.

4. Gripper TRK

The Fuel Gripper TRK is a kevlar reinforced tire that is the perfect choice to give your vehicle the great performance off-road that you crave. These tires offer your vehicle amazing protection in harsh conditions, whether rain or snow, you'll stick to the road like glue. If you're looking to make your vehicle look like the toughest truck in your neighborhood, these are the tires for you. They can turn even the smallest of trucks into the meanest looking machines on the road.

Top Fuel Off Road Wheels

We stock an impressive range of Fuel's premium rims that feature an incredible variety of aggressive designs that look fantastic on any car or truck. Perfect for people with an adventurous side, Fuel off-road rims are thick, strong, and can handle the roughness that an off-road drive puts a vehicle through.

We stock Fuel wheels in an impressive range of diameters, bolt patterns, and offsets, so we're bound to have something that's perfect for your truck or SUV - whatever you drive. We stock the most up-to-date wheels that are available from Fuel. Fuel has wheels that will suit the taste of any truck driver.

Fuel wheels are the result of a company that's committed to providing its customers with the highest quality rims available from any company in the United States. Much like the range of Fuel tires that we stock, our selection of Fuel rims are second to none.

Fuel aftermarket rims are constructed to the highest possible degree to ensure a premium, flawless construction. Each and every Fuel wheel is forged from top-quality aluminum alloy that have been expertly engineered for maximum durability on the harshest of terrains.

1. Fuel Anza

The simple five-spoke design of this rim is one of the more subtle designs by Fuel, but will still help your truck stand out from the crowd. Available in black, bronze, and anthracite, these wheels look fantastic whatever color you choose.

2. Fuel Assault

An off road 8 spoke rim design from Fuel Off-Road wheels, that is about the only way you can describe the "one of a kind" Fuel Assault wheels.This rim is one of the most innovative & unique wheel designs to ever hit the market. With a high end black and milled finish or classic chrome, you can't go wrong with the Fuel Assault wheels.

3. Fuel Stroke

One of the most intricate designs that Fuel make, these wheels look fantastic with spokes that resemble the roots of a plant. Available with some of the smaller spokes in a variety of colors these wheels are perfect to match with the color of your vehicle.

4. Fuel Vector

These rims are finished in a pepper pot design that's certain to give your truck the mean look it needs. Easier to clean than traditional multi-spoke wheels, this kind of rim is perfect for people looking for a low maintenance rim that doesn't sacrifice on the style and stability that Fuel is famous for.

With this small list of wheels, rims and tires you can certainly see that Fuel has one of the most diverse inventory of products for your off road adventures. Not only are all of these practical, but they add some extra style to your vehicle. See more of our Fuel wheel stock here. Not sure what tires or wheel would be best for your off road truck or SUV, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today.

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