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Our Favorite Method Off-Road and Racing Wheels

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Method Race Wheels is a company that specializes in high-performance wheels for cars and trucks that frequently go off-roading or participate in racing. Founded in 2009, Method Race Wheels have been the choice for many racing connoisseurs thanks to the resilient yet lightweight wheels they produce. They design, develop and distribute high performance wheels and accessories for race, off-road and street applications.

Method is a company that is full of racing enthusiasts and participants. It is this background that helps them to engineer wheels that are ready to take on even the toughest of trials. Method produces a variety of different styles in a handful of colors and sizes. With this wide variety of wheels, there is at least one wheel to suit your preferences and vehicle types.

Method Race Wheels NV 305 Wheel

The NV 305 Wheels are high quality, high performance, and eye-catching wheels that are perfect for your truck or SUV. These 12-spoke offroading wheels are finished in an immaculate matte black, bronze, or machined silver, which when combined with zinc plated bolts, helps give these wheels a unique look that really sets them apart from other wheels on the market.

These wheels are suitable for all vehicles and have a load rating of 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. to suit everything from sports cars to medium and large trucks. Having a street-loc V.1 lip with an undercut mimics a true beadlock wheel. These wheels are machined with a clear coating that helps to protect them from the elements and reduce corrosion. With sizes available from 16-inch to 20-inch, there's an option that will suit most trucks or SUVs.

Method Race Wheels MR315 Wheel

Made with durability and high performance in mind, these Method MR315 Wheels are definitely a must-have for drivers of large SUVs and trucks. These wheels are a perfect combination of stainless removable hardware and an extremely rugged look in a variety of finishes. If you’re looking for beadlock wheels, you can surely find it with these stylish wheels.

These unique wheels feature a firm 12-spoke design with a debossed Method logo, subtle enough to blend with the overall aesthetic of the wheel, but also striking enough so people admiring your wheels will know exactly what brand they are. The Method MR315 wheels are truly built to last, and have strong load ratings of 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. Method is so confident with these wheels that they offer a lifetime structural warranty.

Method Race Wheels MR502 Wheel

The Method MR502 Wheels are designed to perform at the highest level, they're exactly the same wheels that were featured on the championship winning USA Team’s Subaru rally car. These wheels are the perfect fit for trucks and SUVs, but also for sports coupes or other kinds of cars. Do you love taking your Subaru or Mitsubishi off-road? If so, these are the wheels for you. Made from extremely tough cast aluminium, these wheels are perfect for a range of off-road driving that you'd only reserve for the toughest wheels out there. You won't have to worry about these wheels letting you down.

These wheels are durable and stylish, making them the perfect choice for people who want a tough wheel that also looks fantastic. These wheels are constructed of 356 cast aluminium with T6 heat treatment - so you know they're seriously strong. These racing wheels are available in a number of finishes including bronze, matte black, and titanium. They are available in 15-inch, 16-inches, 17-inches, and 18-inches. As is the norm with Method Racing Wheels, they have a lifetime manufacturer's structural warranty. These wheels only support a load weight up to 1850 lbs. so they're best suited for smaller SUVs and sports cars that you're planning on taking off-road.

Method Race Wheels Grid 309 Wheel

Method's Grid 309 Wheels are constructed of the highest quality 356 aluminium with T6 heat treatment. The epic mesh split six-spoke design is evocative of cross-country street cars and can truly transform the look of even the most humble car or truck.They also have a simulated beadlock ring found on some of the most classic Method Wheels.

The clear coated titanium is the perfect option for the driver looking to step away from a matte black wheel while staying clean and not too flashy.These are some of the stronger wheels available on the market while having load ratings from 2500 lbs. to 3640 lbs. If you're looking for tough rims, the Grid 309s are the rims for you. These wheels are so strong that Method is prepared to honor a lifetime warranty. This warranty protects your rims from structural damage for the entirety of their life.

Method Race Wheels MR701 Wheel

Method MR701 Wheels are a pretty unique entry into the world of off-road wheels. The simple, yet beautiful eight-spoke design makes them the perfect choice for people who dislike the simulated beadlock styling that is present on a lot of off-road wheels. As is the norm with the top-quality wheels from Method Race Wheels, the MR701 is constructed exclusively from one-piece of 356 aluminium alloy with a T6 heat treatment. These wheels are the perfect choice for people who are looking to hit the trails hard.

Method is more than aware of what causes wheels to fail. They cite one of the most common reasons for wheel failures as being related to the inner lip and its distance from the mounting pad. It's this distance that makes certain wheels struggle to sustain heavy loads for an allotted amount of time. That's why the MR701 is equipped with a reinforced lip design that Method mirrors straight from wheels that are typically put on thoroughbred race cars.

Method Race Wheels has proven time and time again that their wheels are made to last by offering lifetime warranties on each wheel. As these are just some of our favorites, BB Wheels stocks an impressive range of Method Race Wheels in a variety of colors and sizes. Browse our entire stock of high-quality, reliable wheels - we're sure to have something that's just right for your car or truck. 

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