Orion Atf-1908

Brand new from the American Truxx line are the ATF-1908 Orion Forged wheels! American Truxx opened their doors to make the ATF-1908 Orion forged wheels in a high quality wheel at a relatively inexpensive cost. The Orion ATF1908 rims from American Truxx Forged are available in many sizes such as 20", 22", and 24" diameters. You have your choice of either black milled or polished finishes on the Orion ATF-1908 American Truxx forged wheels. Perfect for your lifted truck, Jeep, or SUV, be sure to check the Orion ATF1908 forged wheels. Call us today at 320-333-2155 to order your new forged American Truxx Orion ATF-1908 wheels at a great low price and FREE SHIPPING!


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