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20X9 Wheels 6x5.5" ( 6x139.7 ) Bolt Pattern

20x9 6x5.5" wheels may quite possibly be the best selling off-road wheel fitment on the road today!  Many popular trucks such as the Chevy 1500, GMC 1500, 6 lug Toyota Tundra & Tacoma, and many Nissan trucks & suv's share these common 6x5.5" 20x9 rims.  At BB Wheels we offer a wide selection of both positive and negative offsets for your lifted or stock truck along with many design and finish choices such as black or chrome!  The 6x5.5" bolt pattern is also commonly referred to as 6x139.7, either way, we have a set of 20x9 6x139.7 wheels for you for sale online!  Click below to view our current selection for your Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra and more or call us today at 320-333-2155!

CLICK BELOW - 20x9 6X5.5" (6X139.7) WHEEL OPTIONS
20x9 6x5.5 Wheels