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18X9 Wheels 6x5.5" ( 6x139.7 ) Bolt Pattern

The 6x5.5" bolt pattern and 18x9 wheel sizing is one of the most popular wheel setups on the market today. Many 6 lug trucks such as the Chevy & GMC 1500, Toyota Tundra & Tacoma, and Nissan trucks such as the Frontier, Xterra, and Titan came stock with this sizing, so the 18x9 6x5.5" maybe perfect for your truck! The 6x5.5" bolt pattern is also commonly referred to as 6x139.7. Click below to view our current in stock selection of 6 bolt 18x9 6x139.7 rims or call us today at 320-333-2155 to place your order over the phone!

CLICK BELOW - 18x9 6X5.5" (6X139.7) WHEEL OPTIONS
18x9 6x5.5 Wheels