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Your Guide to Fuel Wheels


Fuel Off-Road Wheels is the manufacturer of some of the most advanced and searched wheels on the internet. And for very good reasons as Fuel wheels offer cutting-edge design and are engineered to perform. If you want a set of truck wheels with the best designs on the market, you can’t go wrong in choosing Fuel wheels. If you want a set of truck rims manufactured with the most updated technology available, you are picking a winner when you choose Fuel wheels.

Fuel Ambush

The Fuel Ambush is a fine example of a one-of-a-kind design from a leader in the truck wheel industry. Check out these gloss black wheels with a milled finish in the size you need for a perfect fit on your truck, Jeep or SUV.

Fuel Anza

If you are into big off-road adventures, it would suit you to look into purchasing a set of Fuel Anza wheels. These Fuel wheels are specifically built for off-road adventures and feature an innovative design and advanced techniques in manufacturing that have resulted in a truck wheel able to carry you the distance over the roughest and toughest terrain.

If you are an off-road enthusiast, know that you can count on Fuel Anza to bring out the best in your quest for off-road adventures.

As with all our line of Fuel wheels, the Anza offers a variety of sizes, ensuring you will have the right fit for the vehicle you drive.

Fuel Assault

Fuel Assault wheels offer a crazy and wild eight-spoke rim design that can only be described as one-of-a-kind. If you are in the market for a truck wheel that is as unique as it is innovative, then you need to check out our line of Assault wheels.

You just can’t go wrong choosing these high-end black and milled finish wheels. So whether you drive a Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado or a Ford F150, a set of Fuel Assault wheels will change the way your truck looks and performs.

avengerimage.jpgFuel Avenger

If you want the latest and most aggressive wheels for your truck, you need to check out the Fuel Avenger. These Avenger wheels have a matte black finish or machined finish with machined accents which have been finished with a double dark tint.

Fuel Avenger wheels are constructed out of dependable cast aluminum that is built to last a lifetime. Don’t wait until everybody else has a set of these wheels, get yours today!
Fuel Battle Axe

Charge into the off-road trails with a set of warlike wheels from Fuel Wheels. Fashioned from high-strength cast aluminum and factory-tested for toughness under adversity, Fuel Battle Axe wheels are just what any road warrior needs.

These 10-spoke aftermarket truck wheels have a simulated bead lock rim and logo-branded center cap.This custom wheel has a concave multi-spoke pattern with a rugged off-road design. Smoke the competition with a set of Battle Axe rims.

Fuel Beast

Unleash your inner animal with a set of these savagely durable truck wheels by Fuel. Fuel Beast wheels feature a deep-lipped, six-spoke design for a look that says bad to the bone.

Tame the roads and trails with a set of Fuel Beast wheels, wrought from one-piece forged aluminum to resist the perils of your adventurous journeys.

Fuel Boost

If you are in the market for a set of aftermarket wheels with exceptional styling, value and versatility, you need to check out our inventory of Fuel Boost wheels.

Boost matte black and milled wheels have silver rivet accents, are very durable and enduring due to their one-piece cast aluminum construction and come in a variety of sizes. Give your truck, Jeep or SUV a boost of self-esteem with a set of Boost wheels by Fuel. It really is amazing what a new set of wheels will do to your confidence on the trails and on the road.

Fuel Brawler

If you yearn for a set of truck wheels that nobody else has, check out the line of Fuel Brawler wheels. These are two-piece truck wheels designed for extra strength and feature a matte black milled finish. And the deep-lip design is sure to not disappoint.

Fuel Cleaver

Fuel Cleaver wheels have eight curved spokes that resemble meat cleavers. Wheels like these make it easy for your truck or Jeep to cut through that rough and tough terrain. In addition to the cleaver design, these wheels are constructed from cast aluminum and are made to last.

If you desire a one-of-a-kind aggressive styling that is not matched by any other wheel manufacturer on the market, get a set of Cleaver wheels.

Fuel Coupler

Replace those boring and mundane factory wheels with a set of Fuel Coupler wheels that feature simulated bead locks and a sporty eight-spoke design that is sure to update the appearance of any Truck, Jeep or SUV.

As an added bonus, you will notice that the Fuel logo is embossed directly to the lip.

crusherimage.jpgFuel Crush

Crush the competition with a set of Crush wheels by Fuel. There just is no comparison when you pit these truck wheels against any other type of wheel. These aggressive wheels have an eight-spoke design and machines finish with a fierce look that will send your truck’s appearance over the top.

As with all styles of Fuel wheels, the Fuel Crush is constructed out of reliable cast aluminum that is built to last and will stand the abuse all wheels take on off-road adventures. These wheels will crush bones, hearts and the souls of those who stand in your way. Pump some life into your Truck, Jeep or SUV with a set of Fuel Crush wheels.

Fuel Diesel

If you desire to add a little style and elegance to your truck, Jeep or SUV, then you need to check out Fuel Diesel wheels. Fuel Diesel wheels, like all wheels by Fuel, are designed by professionals who have extensive experience in the truck wheel industry.

Whether you travel the craggy, rugged terrain beyond city limits or prefer to stick to the highways and freeways, a set of Fuel Diesel wheels is just the right thing for you. These wheels are suitable for a wide-range of four-wheel drive vehicles and make first-rate replacement wheels.

Each wheel is subjected to a battery of endurance tests before it is freed from the factory, Fuel Diesel wheels are rugged looking, handsome and sport an awesome 10-spoke design ringed by a simulated bead lock rim. The Fuel logo is prominently displayed in the middle of the center cap. Go ahead, orders yours right now.

Fuel Driller

When it comes to the appearance of your truck, you never mess around. Whether it’s the chrome finishes, the fog lights mounted on the cab or the bed liner, you make sure you get top-quality products that are built to last.

The same can be said for the wheels you decide to choose for your truck; only the best will do. This is why you need to take a close and hard look at our inventory of Fuel Driller wheels. If you want just a little more when it comes to the appearance of your truck, any wheels will do. But if you want to stand out in a crowd and turn heads when you drive down the road, then you need a set of Fuel Driller wheels.

And as looks are important when choosing a set of truck wheels, so is quality and construction. Fuel Driller wheels are constructed with forged aluminum and are stronger and lighter than many other types of wheels. Make the right choice and get a set of these.

Fuel Dune

Fuel Wheels the most elegant looking and advanced off-road truck wheels, and the Fuel Dune is no exception. The Fuel Dune offers the latest in design and engineering innovations that you will find on today’s market. Fuel Dune wheels have been capturing the attention of off-road enthusiasts for quite a while.

Dune wheels are six-spoked truck wheels that will get you through the roughest terrain and will make your truck look fantastic while you are on the city streets. In fact, they are just what you are looking for in a truck wheel, great looks and durability.

Fuel Enduro

Whether you are driving a mud runner, rock crawler or the family truck you drive the spouse to Walmart in, a set of Fuel Enduro wheels is sure to turn heads and attract the attention you desire. In addition to being a spiffy looking wheel, Fuel Enduro wheels are the perfect choice for your off-road adventures.

Cast in durable and lightweight aluminum and finished in a dazzling matte black, these Fuel wheels hold that aggressive look you are looking for without being over the top. You have to love a good-looking truck wheel that will take everything you can throw at it.

flowimage.jpgFuel Flow

You just got a new truck and it looks good, but it looks just like any other type of truck out there on the road. What you need is something that will make your truck stand out from the rest. You could get a fancy paint job or put chrome all over everything, but we suggest a better idea; get yourself a set of Fuel Flow wheels.
Invest in a set of Fuel flow wheels and make sure your ride is the one people are staring at, even when you are going with the flow of traffic. Fuel Flow wheels feature an undeniable style in this eight-spoke eye-catching design. These high-quality truck rims are cast from highly-durable and lightweight aluminum and are finished in matte black with machined accents.

And we make things easy on your by offering a wide range of bolt patterns, diameters and offsets. Check them out…..seriously, check them out right now.

Fuel Formula

What is the formula for an awesome customized and sweet looking truck? Well, you can start with a set of Fuel Formula wheels. All jocularity aside, the wheels are the best place to start when considering giving your truck, Jeep or SUV a custom, eye-catching look.

Take a moment to think about what you want your truck to look like when you take it out in the street. Think about all of the parts, accessories and upgrades that will probably wind up costing you thousands of dollars.

Now, consider that most of these accessories and gadgets probably won’t even be noticed by most. Really, who staring down your chrome step bar or fog lights anyway? And nobody cares that you have an aftermarket truck bed.

What people will notice, however, is the set of Fuel Formula wheels you slapped on your truck. Take a look at a few pictures of Fuel Formula wheels, close your eyes and imagine how awesome they will look on your truck.

Fuel Frontier

Anybody that knows anything about truck wheels knows all about Fuel Wheels. They are kind of like the Rolex of truck wheels except nowhere near the price. People see a really sweet set of truck wheels and they feel compelled to walk over and see if they are indeed Fuel wheels.

Now, think about what will happen when you finally do pull the trigger and buy a set of Fuel Frontier wheels. First, you will spend the better part of the day staring at them as the look of your truck has dramatically changed. You will then blush with pride as people on the streets turn their heads to get a better look at your truck. And then the inevitable happens, people come up and ask you. “Are those Fuel wheels?”

It never gets old.

Fuel Full Blown

If you want to modify your truck, Jeep or SUV into a mean-looking, rugged off-road machine, you need to start off with a set of Fuel Full Blown wheels. With their visually stunning star-shaped, five-spoke design, Fuel Full Blown wheels will instantly transform your vehicle into an aggressive truck that demands attention.

In addition to their good looks, Full Blown wheels are manufactured with the intent to take on the roughest and toughest terrain. These wheels are for far more than just taking the family out for burgers and fries on a Saturday night, with wheels like these, take your family to a picnic at a scenic location off the grid. Go ahead, your Fuel Full Blown wheels were built for it.

Take cover and blow up the competition with a set of Full Blown wheels by Fuel.

Fuel Hostage

Conquer the roads and trails in style with a set of Fuel Hostage wheels at BB Wheels. This line of Fuel wheels features an aggressive eight-spoke design in a devastating matte black powder coat finished that is sure to make your truck stand out in a crowd.

But we all know you aren't just about looks when it comes to your truck and the wheels you prefer. You are just as much about performance. A great looking set of truck wheels are useless if they can't hold up to the wear and tear and grind of the road. Hostage wheels are crafted from durable aluminum alloy for exceptional strength. They are lightweight as well and finished in a durable coat that protects against corrosion and wear.

Whether you own a Ford F150, Chevy Silverado or a Toyota Tundra, your truck will look that much better sporting a set of Fuel Hostage wheels.

Fuel Hostage II

Fuel Hostage wheels became so popular, the powers that be a Fuel Wheels decided to introduce the Hostage II. Fuel Hostage II wheels offer a split-spoke design that is as stylish as they are strong.

Cast from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, Fuel Hostage II wheels are so strong they get a whopping 3500 lb load rating. While that makes you happy and is a good reason to slap a set on your truck, you are more concerned about the attention you will get while driving down the street.

Fuel Hostage III

When you do something really great, you want to repeat that process over and over. Following suit to launches of both the Fuel Hostage wheel and the Fuel Hostage II, Fuel Wheels figured, “What the heck” and launched the Fuel Hostage III.

Some people might worry that sequels aren't always as good as the original, But that is not the case here, not by a long shot. In fact, there are truck enthusiasts who swear the best truck wheels out of the three are the Hostage III wheels.

We don’t pick sides, choosing between three Hostage wheels each with their own look is difficult at best. It’s kind of like having to choose which of your three kids you love the most.

hydroimage.jpgFuel Hydro

Perhaps it is time to give your ride a fresh and clean look with a set of Fuel Hydro wheels. Their unique eight-spoke design is styled to simulate motion, even when your truck is at a standstill. That is pretty slick if you ask us.

Fuel Hydro wheels are crafted from aerospace-quality cast aluminum and thoroughly tested for fatigue, impact and durability and are available in your preference of full matte black finish or black machined finish.

Refresh the look of your ride with a set of custom aftermarket wheels from BB Wheels.

Fuel JM2

Some might say the sole purpose of truck wheels is to merely keep your rig rolling, but then, those who think this way are obviously driving around with stock rims. When you really stop and think about it, truck wheels are a huge deal. Take a look at any truck with stock wheels and then envision that very same truck sporting a set of Fuel JM2 wheels, huge difference.

The JM2 wheel was inspired by Jeremy McGrath and have been track-tested to ensure these bad boys can handle everything you will throw at them. As with all Fuel wheels, JM2 wheels are crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy for superior strength, they are also light in weight. Just the type of truck wheels you need for your off-road adventures.

Fuel Krank

If you desire top-of-the-line wheels for your truck, Jeep or SUV, then you need a set of Fuel Krank wheels. If you need a little something extra in your life, you have come to the right place. Fuel Krank wheels will give your ride wicked good looks, the kind of looks that make you blush, but you deserve.
When your buddies get wind that you bought a set of Fuel Krank wheels, they will be blowing up your phone asking for a ride so they can check them out. They will act like they are totally cool with your Fuel wheels, but deep down, they are hating life because they don't have a set.

Can you blame them?

Fuel Lethal

Savor victory in style with a killer set of Lethal wheels by Fuel. If your Sensei insists you show no mercy for your competition, forget about sweeping the leg, go for the kill with a set of Fuel Lethal wheels.

Each Fuel Lethal wheel is carved from a one-piece design and cut deep with hollow-spoke cutouts and bolt-head accents on the outer lip rim that are mill-machined. But the blow that will finish the competition is that these truck wheels are both lightweight and strong.

Lethal wheels come in a large selection of widths, bolt patterns and offsets, so no matter what you drive, we have a wheel that fits. Get a killer deal on Fuel Lethal wheels today!

Fuel Maverick

Pick up a set of Fuel Maverick wheels and you will be a Maverick in the off-roading community. For those who desire tough-looking wheels that is rugged and able to stand up to the roughest terrain, look no further than Fuel Maverick wheels.

Look, others might settle for truck wheels that look good, but seriously underperform. This isn't you. You are the type who like to back up your aggressively styled wheels with performance. You don’t settle for anything that is going to leave you stranded on the trails.

If you are a rebel and an adventurist who lives life to its fullest, you can’t be either of these fully unless you get yourself a set of Fuel Maverick wheels.

Fuel Moab

So, you need to buy a new set of wheels for your truck, Jeep or SUV; how very exciting. You want something that is going to set your ride apart from the others. Wait, that’s not all; you also want a set of truck wheels that perform well under pressure. Wheels that are built lightweight and tough and can take the toughest of terrain.

You are one smart cookie. We mean that. Most people go after looks alone and don't give a second thought to performance. You are our type of wrangler. For you, we suggest a set of Fuel Moab wheels, as they give you the good looks you desire and the performance you demand.

Get that show truck look that turns people’s heads and performance to boot without having to pay a ton of money for custom wheels. Get your set of Fuel Moab wheels today.

Fuel Monsta

If you are in the market for a set of truck wheels that have scary good performance, style and innovation, then look no further that Fuel Monsta wheels. These truck wheels have a deep-set design featuring five smooth, wide spokes that look as though they are bolted on. And deep down each wheel is a center cap that proudly displays the Fuel logo.

Fuel offers a wide range of world-class wheels with the latest designs for off-roaders and street drivers who want wheels crafted by professional wheels designers. The Fuel Monsta is the perfect example of a well-designed wheel that performs as well as it looks. And there is nothing scary about that. But your Fuel Monsta wheels today.

Fuel Neutron

If you want to watch somebody snap their neck, drive by them in your truck, Jeep or SUV showing off your set of Fuel Neutron wheels. Fuel Wheels has been designing, building, innovating and distributing some of the best off-road wheels in the industry for over 30 years. This expertise can be seen in the products they offer, especially in the Fuel Neutron.

We aren’t kidding when we say that a set of Fuel Neutron wheels will change your life. But not for the reasons you might think. You see, Fuel Neutron wheels are a true work of art and each wheel truly encapsulates the very definition of elegance. Basically, a set of these wheels will transform your ride into a work of art, with you at the helm.

While driving down the street in your ride boasting as et of Fuel Neutron wheels, people will gaze upon you in amazement wondering what type of person you are to own such a prize.

Can you handle it?

Fuel Nutz

If you like to get a little “nuts” while you go on your off-roading adventures, then it makes perfect sense to do so with a set of Nutz wheels by Fuel. In fact, you would have to be a little “nuts” not to want to own a set of these awesome truck wheels.
Cast from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, each Fuel Nutz wheel is built with a one-piece design. THis is really a hardcore wheel that is both lightweight and strong, and it looks good as well. How Fuel pulls off such good-looks on wheels that perform so well is a mystery.

If you don't order your set of Nutz wheels right away, everybody will think you are nuts.

Fuel Octane

What are you looking for in a truck wheel? If you are looking for suburb styling and excellent craftsmanship, then you can’t go wrong ordering a set of Fuel Octane wheels. If you are looking for a set of truck wheels that are as tough as they look, then you would also want to order a set of Fuel Octane wheels.

Give your ride a much-needed boost in energy and style with a set of Octane wheels by Fuel. These are burning hot wheels with eight tapered, convex spokes and a unique center design that appears to be mounted into slotted brackets. Very cool, if you are into great looking truck rims that is.

Fuel Octane wheels are made using aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and are cast in a one-piece design that is both lightweight and strong. You also get your choice of high-octane finishes.

Fuel Pump

If you want your truck, Jeep or SUV to look mean and rugged and perform like an off-road machine, a set of Fuel Pump wheels is a good start. The Fuel Pump is a wheel that will give your ride a tough and aggressive custom look without having to dole out excess cash for custom wheels.

Fuel Pump wheels are crafted from durable aluminum alloy for exceptional strength while still being very lightweight. These wheels will make your truck, Jeep or SUV stand out from the crowd.

Fuel specializes in wheels made for off-road vehicles and they know how to make a rim that is durable and will last. Find the size and style of Fuel Pump wheels you need and get them ordered today.