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Fuel Wheels, Nitto Trail Grappler Tires and Pretty Flowers

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If you are not already aware, today is National Flower Day. So it’s the perfect day to plant a flower or other plant in celebration. Better still, perhaps you could start a flower garden.

You might think this is a joke or a very bad idea. But what you don't understand is that there are many benefits of planting and maintaining a flower garden. In fact, it really doesn’t even need to be a garden, per se, just take the time to plant and maintain a few flowers and other plants in your yard.

We know that you drive a big truck, with Fuel wheels and Nitto Trail Grappler tires, and feel flowers really don’t represent your style, but we know that deep down, everybody loves pretty flowers. Yes, even you.

Look, we don't expect you to skip around the neighborhood with a bouquet of pink snapdragons waving them in the air, just plant and maintain a few flowers. If you need a reason to plant some flowers, we have several.

Flowers Have Healing Powers

Studies show that people who have flowers report less worry, less anxiety and have more energy and happiness. One study reported that surgical patients with flowers had lower blood pressure and less need for pain medication than those who didn't have flowers. The patients with flowers also reported better moods and less anxiety.

They Smell Good

Those roses and lilacs emit a sweet odor you get to enjoy when you are hanging out on the back porch. They smell so much better than the odors Fido leaves behind.

Visual Appeal

Planting flowers add visual interest and color to any landscape. A touch of color among your green shrubbery and trees increases its aesthetic appeal. Not only are you making your yard more beautiful by planting flowers, you make the neighborhood in which you live more beautiful as well.

Ties the Yard Together

Like a good rug that ties a room together, a flower garden will tie your yard together. A yard with green grass, green trees and green shrubbery looks, well, green. A flower garden will break up the monotony, it will add depth and charm to your yard and tie everything together.

Cleaner Air

While your pickup truck is a necessity, it also spews pollutants into the air. Planting flowers help to remove these pollutants from the air. In a process called photosynthesis, flowers absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Flowers also hold soil where it needs to be, thus reducing flooding and erosion.

Bees are Cool

If you plant flowers in your yard, the bees will come to collect their nectar and that’s a good thing because bees are cool.

Instant Present

Have a little tiff with the spouse before work this morning? That’s OK, when you get home from work, sneak into the garden and pick her some fresh, beautiful flowers. Place the flowers in a vase, place them on the table and when she gets home, all will be forgiven. Hopefully.

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