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​Nitto Grappler Tires, Hippies and Vanilla Cars, Oh My

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In our last post, we discussed, at rather a great length, the types of cars people drove and the stereotypes associated with them. For example, if you see a Volkswagen Beetle cruising down the road, chances are the person driving it is a college student who also happens to be in a sorority. It’s a bet you have to take as the odds are in your favor.

And while we hate stereotyping based on what people drive, many times they are all too true. Think about it, do you really expect a 40-year-old man having a midlife crisis stepping out of that Beetle? Those odds are about the same as having a tree-hugging, backwoods-hiking, liberal hippie step out of a Dodge Hellcat or Ford F250 with Fuel wheels and Nitto Grappler tires from BB Wheels.

Heck, most hippies have never been to BB Wheels online because they don't own electronic devices.

But we digress, here are a few more stereotypes based on what people drive.

Any Buick

Quite simply, Buicks just aren't the car of choice for anyone under the age of 50. This is probably because Buick hasn't developed a car with any pizzazz or excitement about it for 50 years.

Now, that is not to say that Buicks aren’t decent cars, just the opposite actually. However, if you are driving a Buick, people are convinced you are a retiree heading to the bingo parlor.

Chevy Silverado

Nothing says redneck more than a Chevy Silverado, the ones you see in nearly every country-western video. If there isn’t a Chevy Silverado in a country-western video, we are quite sure it is mentioned at least twice in the lyrics.

It all makes sense, Chevy Silverado trucks are built for tough labor, and rednecks aren't known for having cushy desk jobs.

Toyota Camry

Many people drive certain vehicles because they make a statement about who they are. Their car or truck is a way to let others know what type of person you are, it is their identity.

But if you drive a Toyota Camry, all you are doing is letting the world know you have no identity, no personality. This is because there is nothing more boring or generic than a Toyota Camry. And even though we are quite sure they make them in several colors and styles, all we see are the bland gray models.

These Japanese cars are very high-quality and reliable, but in terms of style and customization, there isn't anything to them. They are the vanilla ice cream in a banana split, the Cleveland Browns of the NFL, Charlie Brown of the Peanuts gang, Ringo Starr of the Beatles, the Jimmy Carter of 20th-century presidents, well, you get the message.

VW Camper

What comes to mind when you see someone driving a Volkswagen Camper? Probably a hipster. VW Campers were a staple among hippies in the 1970s, but today they are considered retro and cool to own and drive.

We don't really think that hipsters who own these campers really go camping with them. In all likelihood, they pack them up with camping gear to give the illusion they are going camping but instead wind up at some hipster B&B, drinking hipster drinks and playing hipster board games like Pandemic and Onirim.

If you own a VW Camper but aren't a hipster and are offended that we stereotyped you as a hipster, we are truly sorry. We hope you will still be buying a new set of tires for your camper from BB Wheels. Shop now, please.

Also, no hipsters were hurt while writing this article; but a few rednecks may have been.

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